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  1. OrionTheAbsol

    TEEN: Tail of Time

    Chapter 2: Dream Catcher Trees towered over Chaplin, casting shadows darker than the secretion of a Tentacool. That's a weird and strangely specific comparison. Honestly felt out of place to a forest. To how she ended up in this place... I'm going to guess it's a dream. Not even considering...
  2. OrionTheAbsol

    TEEN: Tail of Time

    PMD-esque with some violence? Well, count me in! Also, fair warning: I have a lot to say. Chapter 1 - Hands Off Mostly Dark types? Why mostly Dark types? Some lore reason to come up later? Bad stigma? Might want to clarify this 'bad stigma' aside from, "Oh, they're just Dark so that means...
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