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  1. Hidden Mew

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. I still remember being so confused as to how both teams got a hold of Groudon and Kyogre when I first saw those episodes. They weren't exactly incompetent, but Team Magma and Aqua didn't really have any major victories that made the idea that they'd both get powerful...
  2. Hidden Mew

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    I wouldn't necessarily mind them just trying to adapt the game's plot conclusion if they at least provided more setup to make it work. While they had more episodes to work with the Aether Foundation compared to the Darkest Day, I still didn't think it worked in large part because I don't think...
  3. Hidden Mew

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    Team Skull and Team Yell clearly aren't evil teams. The Aether Foundation and Marco Cosmos are supposed to be the evil teams of their respective generations. They just have another group with a team name to throw people off on who the real villain group is. I love Team Skull, but it's really...
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