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  1. VetProf

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    You're moving the discussion goalpost away from "Pokemon villains nowadays are tame compared to Pokemon villains in the past" to "Pokemon can never have good villains because it's a kid show", in which case there's... not much room left for further discussion. Yes, Pokemon being a show that's...
  2. VetProf

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    I highly doubt a child-friendly policy had anything to do with this, considering all the death-related scenes we've gotten in Gen 7 (both in the Sun and Moon anime and in the movies that aired during that time), and Journey's AU Rocket trio having caused arguably the most damage out of any evil...
  3. VetProf

    The apparent decline of Evil Teams

    It's less that the modern evil teams aren't as evil as they used to be, and more so that they're no longer blatantly representing themselves as evil teams from the get-go. As others have said, the Aether Foundation and Macro Cosmos were the actual villainous organizations in the past two...
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