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  1. Naoto

    GEN VII: LF: Togekiss

    Hey all, i'm looking for a Togekiss to breed. It can be any gender or nature. Any Ability is fine, and it doesn't have to be IV'ed. Best thing i have to offer in exchange is a hidden ability Murkrow with Adamant Nature. Let me know your interested.
  2. Naoto

    GEN VII: LF Noibat

    It can be any gender, any nature, or even an egg. Just let me know what we can negotiate for a trade
  3. Naoto

    Start Ups Nocturne Academy

    @Qrow Branwen @Prez @Silent Winter @Gengarzilla @Crobatman @Hanzo in Plain Sight @Yun @Infinity Storm @Kamen_Fanatic @Midorikawa @Lavernius Tucker The RP has begun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a misty morning in...
  4. Naoto

    Sign Ups Nocturne Academy

    In long times past, humans and Yokai have fought and waged wars that would later fade into the legends of "Monsters" We now today. In the present day, Yokai dwell in our society. We were unaware until now. The year was 20xx at the Summer Olympics held in the USA. The whole world was watching...
  5. Naoto

    Start Ups Apotheosis

    @Crobatman; @Yun; @Tatsu, @Coco Adel; September 13th, 20xx In a remote facility in an undisclosed location, Doctor Liz Sanders sat in her office. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Liz was petite with a slim figure and and pale skin. Her black hair was tied in a messy...
  6. Naoto

    Sign Ups Apotheosis

    You have been selected by the US Government out of wide pool of randomly selected citizens to be a part of the Apotheosis Project. This project will grant you abilities that will make you super human, and in exchange for participating and becoming an Agent to the US Government. You and your...
  7. Naoto

    Start Ups Requiem

    @Flaze; @Yun; @Yang Xiao Long @Rolling Girl @SquadalaGuy The RP has begun, please have your character arrive at Bennet's shop, and i'll get things rolling once everyone has posted at least once or within the next 24 hours. The skyscrapers towered above the many people that walked among its...
  8. Naoto

    Sign Ups Requiem

    The world is filled with a vast amount of strange things... Phenomena that is considered abnormal or impossible that occurs everyday often goes unnoticed. There are those who cannot comprehend or grasp onto this phenomena, and choose to live with their eyes closed. Blissfully unaware of the what...
  9. Naoto

    Sign Ups Scarlet Vampire (Mature)

    A year prior, a press conference aired across the globe subtitled in multiple languages. The subject, Vampires. at the head, a young woman who looked no older then 20 was representing the Vampires of the modern era. "Hello, my name is Millia Scarlet", she greeted. "I come to you today, to...
  10. Naoto

    Start Ups Nocturne Academy:Year One

    @Winter Raven; Infinity Storm; Midorikawa; SudoWooper; Yun; Samus; Ladies and Gentlemen; Detective Calvin; And Sanctus; the RP has begun. ------------------------------ After extensive security sweeps at Chicago Central Station, a vintage locomotive pulled out of the station, to the...
  11. Naoto

    Sign Ups Nocturne Academy: Year One

    Welcome, to Nocturne Academy. In times long ago, monsters and humans were constantly at war, and much blood was spilt. Rising from the gore this war brought about, was Vlad Alucard Tepes III, he ended the war with a mere display of his power, and his many followers, and decided to seclude the...
  12. Naoto

    Sign Ups Cirque Du Diablo (Teen: Non-Pokemon)

    Cirque Du Diablo You are welcomed to the local circus coming to town, Cirque Du Diablo. The show is bright and entertaining. You smile, laugh, and gape in awe at the impressive physical feats being performed. However, the lights then turn out, the majority of the audience starts to glow with a...
  13. Naoto

    Sign Ups Humans in the Vampire Bund (Non-Pokemon: Teen)

    The year was 2018 when Vampires revealed themselves to human society. However, their purpose was far more surprising to humans. They wished to achieve peace. Despite numerous protests from both sides, off the coast of San Francisco, a sanctuary was built to be a safe haven for Vampires who want...
  14. Naoto

    Sign Ups The Iwatodai Paranormal Investigation Club (Teen: Non-Pokemon)

    Iwatodai High School, a small high school located in the small town of Iwatodai, Japan. It's stood there for generations, and instead of being rebuilt, over the course of the last 50 years, additions have been added. Because of these additions, the structure of the school often confuses new...
  15. Naoto

    Pines Peak (Mature: Midorikawa and Mitsune Haku)

    Drew always lived in Pines Peak, possibly the most quiet and peaceful town in existence. Located at the base of small mountain, and this town was surrounded by pine trees, only further cutting off the town from the rest of the world. They weren't known for much, but lately... A lot of elderly...
  16. Naoto

    Sign Ups Fate/Disillusion: (Teen: Non-Pokemon)

    Little known to most people, exists a society known as Magi, practitioners of magic. They wield formidable power using prana as a cataclyst to perform amazing feats. It takes many years to become a properly trained Magi, and you abilities as a Magi are often affected by your own blood line...
  17. Naoto

    Sign Ups Moon Cell Academy: Disillusion (Teen: Non-Pokemon)

    Their are many forms of magic out in the world, however, no study in magic if as that that of magecraft. Magi are essentially talented in a certain form of magic, whether it be divination, runes, or alchemy. However, what makes the Magi trully unique, is the ability to summon a Servant...
  18. Naoto

    Sign Ups Night Blood Academy: Reboot (Non-Pokemon: Mature)

    Humans have always lived with their eyes closed from from the rest of the world. If they cannot see it, if they cannot hear it, if they cannot prove it, it automatically doesn't exist. However, just by closing your eyes and plugging your ears, doesn't make the things around you cease to exist...
  19. Naoto

    Looking for PRP Partners

    Hey, I've been out of the RP'ing game here for awhile, but I used to be pretty active here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a PRP with me, I'm looking for 2,3, maybe even 4 people. I was hoping to do something based on Pokemon, or something supernatural based. If we were to go...
  20. Naoto

    Possible Persona RP?

    Hey all, I've been racking around my mind how to design an RP based off of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. For those of you, who don't know what the Persona Series is. Its basically a series of games that follows a group of teenagers who balance their social lives with defeating...
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