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  1. Emelie

    Preview JN111: Mohn and Lilie, Snowfield Reunion

    But why though? Was he not happy with his family? And even if he wasn't isn't it his responsibility to care for his 10 year old daughter who has anxiety and already takes too much responsibility? Anyway I hope his anime counterpart gets to be a good dad to Lillie. She really deserves it after...
  2. Emelie

    Preview JN111: Mohn and Lilie, Snowfield Reunion

    Interesting that they made a big deal about Lillie wanting to find and connect with her father in the anime. In the USUM games Mohn comes to the Aether Paradise but for some mysterious reason Lusamine and Gladion don't care and Lillie never finds out. I always thought that this conclusion to the...
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