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  1. KaPi96


    Some of it sounds pretty dumb, but it would be pretty cool to have a region based on Britain (as long as it doesn't just focus on boring london). Plus it having a link to Kalos would be great. Having both Kanto and Johto in gen 2 was amazing and I've been wanting another Pokemon game that...
  2. KaPi96

    Evil Pokémon

    I don`t think Darkrai should really count then. It`s pokedex entries say that it isn`t done with malicious intent but is instead done to protect itself or it`s territory.
  3. KaPi96

    How many hours has it been since you've last eaten/drank something?

    About... 2 minutes since I had dinner :P
  4. KaPi96

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    Just use an Alolan form Pokemon. Can count as both gen 1 and gen 7 :P
  5. KaPi96

    Speculation Should GameFreak make a Pokémon game with all regions in it?

    Only if they want me to throw money at them... But yeah, been waiting on another game with multiple regions since gen 2. And hey, why stop at 2? The more the better, get `em all in there!
  6. KaPi96

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    It would be pretty cool to find out about his father finally. And hey didn`t Ash`s Mum say that he got to Viridian City faster than his father? Maybe he took so long because something interesting happened to him on the way. But yeah, it does seem pretty unlikely.
  7. KaPi96

    What timezone are you in?

    I`ve heard you`re only supposed to get jetlag when flying east, so maybe that`s why you didn`t get it coming here. Good luck with it on the way back though :P
  8. KaPi96

    What timezone are you in?

    JST (GMT+9)
  9. KaPi96

    Bulbagardeners' Nationalities

  10. KaPi96

    How do you like your steak?

    I`ll eat any doneness, but rare is definitely my favourite.
  11. KaPi96

    Were all of Tobias Pokémon "legendary" in his team or did he have "normal" ones too?

    Do we even know how much time has actually passed since the end of the Sinnoh conference and Cynthia`s subsequent appearances though? There could be a whole load of reasons if he hasn`t yet though, for example he could have seen some other legendary shortly after the league and spent a load of...
  12. KaPi96

    Ash’s plans after finishing a region

    Is it as simple as just being promoted though? I always thought they actually had to win the league and then beat one of the Elite 4 in order to replace them. I suppose it is definitely possible to move up above that though, it`s just that most gym leaders usually seem to be pretty content with...
  13. KaPi96

    Were all of Tobias Pokémon "legendary" in his team or did he have "normal" ones too?

    Could also mean that he just hasn`t challenged her yet.
  14. KaPi96

    Ash’s plans after finishing a region

    1/2... I can`t help but feel being a gym leader is kind of like accepting that you`re not that good as a trainer. Their whole point is to get beaten over and over again by hundreds of different trainers that want to go to the league. If they`re actually any good then they`d be a crap gym leader...
  15. KaPi96

    How can the anime be improved?

    A good female co-star (again) that actually has some good goals. More Pokemon evolution. Better rivals, and more of them. Having older characters re-appear, some just cameos but others being recurring characters would be nice too. More variety in Ash`s Pokemon (hope he never gets all 3 starters...
  16. KaPi96

    What if Misty went to Alola with Ash

    All this talk about Misty fanart and we only got 1 (slightly) ero pic. How disappointing :(
  17. KaPi96

    2016: That Was The Year That Was

    Gotta be Leicester City winning the Premier League for me. Probably the biggest upset I`ve ever seen in all sport, let alone football. It should be something that I remember for a fair while. Given the site this is on I`d also like to say I`d remember 2016 for the release of Sun/Moon, but...
  18. KaPi96

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    Really disappointed by this. I generally like the Pokemon movies, there have been some really fantastic ones. But this sounds like it`s just going to be a re-telling of the beginning of the anime or something and I don`t need that. I`ve watched the anime, many times in fact and don`t need to...
  19. KaPi96

    Favourite Ultra Beast?

    Nihilego for me. Although I also quite like Guzzlord. Edit: Adding ranking cuz I don`t want to be left out :) 1. Nihilego (UB-01 Symbiont) 2. Guzzlord (UB-05 Glutton) 3. Xurkitree (UB-03 Lighting) 4. Kartana (UB-04 Blade) 5. Buzzwole (UB-02 Absorption) 6. Celesteela (UB-04 Blaster) 7. Pheromosa...
  20. KaPi96

    Generation VII confirmed!

    heh, gen 7 only just released and I`m already looking forward to the gen 8 version of this thread :P
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