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    Favourite and least favourite Kalos Pokemon?

    Favorite: Hawlucha (Honorable mentions: Frokie line, Fenniken line, Noivern, Tyrantrum) Least-Favorite: Klefki (Honorable mention: Swirlix line)
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    Superhero types

    DC: Batman: Fighting/Psychic. Ability: Justified. Moves: Calm Mind, Shadow Sneak, Revenge, Retaliate Batman villians: Joker: Dark/Psychic. Moves: Nasty Plot, Torment, Sucker Punch Penguin: Dark Catwoman: Dark Bane: Fighting. Moves: Bulk Up, Superpower Riddler: Psychic. Moves: Confusion...
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    Contest Music Battle: Gym Music

    Best to worst 1. RBGY 2. XY 3. RSE 4. DPPt 5. BW 6. GSC
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    Contest Music Battle: Trainer Battle Themes

    Best to worst: 1. XY 2. RBGY 3. GSC 4. BW 5. DPPt 6. RSE I like XY trainer battle theme the most.
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    What do you think of Team Rocket in XY?

    I don't like them in XY. The writers just don't seem to know how to write them anymore.
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    What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    Like the title says, what do you think of the XY anime so Far? I personally have mixed feeling about this saga because I'm not much of a fan of the filler episodes and I already know Ash is going to lose in the Kalos League. The only thing that keeps this from unwatchable is how the game...
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    Advanced VS DP

    AG Pros -Each main character gets a well balanced team. -May's Contests Cons: - Repetitive episodes during mid Hoenn - Team Aqua/Magma finale - Ash vs Tyson battle DP: Pros: - Ash is at his peak - Paul rivalry - Character development - Characters act like their game...
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    Advanced Generation as a saga

    I thought this saga was good, but not as memorable as Kanto, Johto or DP.
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

    Erica, Sabrina, Whitney, Jasmine, Claire, HGSS Misty, Flannery, Gardenia, Fantina, Elesa, Skyla and Viola.
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    How would you rate the anime?

    How would you rate the anime as a whole? I've give it a below average rating because of it's repetitve nature, recycled episode plots and predictable storylines.
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    Pokemon names you mispronounced?

    Chesnaut - chess-naut Pyroar - Pie-roar Florges - Floor - jez Meowstic - Meowz-tic Dedenne - Ded-en-nee Honedge - Hawn-edge Clauncher - Clawn-cher Clawitzer - Claw-witzer Bergmite - berg-mite Yveltal - Yee-vel-tawl
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    Dento/Cilan as a companion

    I don't like Cilan. All he ever does is talk about food, his rivalry with Burgundy went nowhere and overall I find his character to be bland.
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    Contest Magikarp vs. Arceus

    Magikarp wins this, obviously.
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    Is TPCI trying to replicate the 4kids days?

    I don't see why TPCi is remixing the original theme for XY. They should have done that back in BW when the writers were going for a Kanto feel.
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    Best Champion Battle Music?

    I like Champion Blue battle music the best because it sounds intense. I like Iris's battle music because it sounds catchy. I also like Diantha's because it has my favorite part of the Hoenn Gym Leader battle music in there.
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    Ash's flaws as a trainer

    I thought Ash was a great trainer back in DP (he was more competitive, he used his head, defeated two legendaries), I just don't know why the writers turned him into a mere parody of his Kanto self in BW.
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    Ash's Worst Pokémon?

    Oshawott is Ash's worst Pokemon because it serves no purpose other then to sell plushies.
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    Who is Ash's worst rival in Unova

    Cameron is Ash's worst rival because he is a bigger idiot then Ash and he beat Ash in the League. From the poll I would pick Trip because he was a Paul ripoff.
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    Which Pokémon From BW Will You Miss the Most?

    I don't think I'll be missing anyone's Pokemon from this saga. Every Pokemon in this saga was bland and forgettable, to be honest.
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