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  1. Gengarzilla

    What's your favourite kind of Pokémon content?

    I normally watch Pokémon challenge playthroughs, that sort where the person has some very goofy rule in place. Like MandJTV's "Emerald but no learning new moves" or Alpharad's "White 2 but my team is level 1". I'd largely lost interest in watching Nuzlockes once Pokémon Challenges encouraged...
  2. Gengarzilla

    The Wait for Pokémon HOME on Scarlet and Violet Is a Disgrace

    This disaster week for TPCI has made me very thankful that my life as a Pokémon fan doesn't revolve around the main series anymore. I can just shake my head with exasperation at the joint raid/HOME blunders before returning to my "until-HOME-update" binge of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, my...
  3. Gengarzilla

    Mighty Chesnaught, Great Tusk and Iron Treads Tera Raids cancelled - Pokémon HOME 3.0.0 update also delayed

    And with this I'm back on my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon binge trip until a real HOME day is announced, because I've already done everything I need to in SV before that date. Might as well spend the filler time by engaging in my real Pokémon interest. Oh, don't worry, I did the same thing when I...
  4. Gengarzilla

    Best Fire type starter

    The Cyndaquil family is my favourite starter line, period, so of course they'd be my favourite Fire type starter line. Funny enough they're also the only Fire type starter line that I prefer over their Grass or Water partners. Turtwig's line comes second and then it's Popplio's.
  5. Gengarzilla

    Worst starter evolution line?

    I can say that I seriously dislike Charizard, Greninja, and Cinderace, but those are just standalone issues of which nothing carries to their pre-evolved states. Cinderace though, that guy may well tilt my answer towards the Scorbunny line because Gen 8 was also the least interested I've ever...
  6. Gengarzilla

    What do you do with your starter?

    It usually stays for the whole story and the postgame story bits, but then all bets are off when I start revamping these teams. Sobble was the only exception as I dropped it before the first gym and got a Teleport/Regenerator Slowking much later. My de-facto starter in Shield was the Vileplume I...
  7. Gengarzilla

    Your controversial opinions

    I agree on the first two generations there and I also avoid the third generation because it's still so mechanically inferior to what came next. Any mainline game that doesn't have the physical/special split largely feels unplayable to some extent nowadays because this thing was honestly an even...
  8. Gengarzilla

    Opinions on Type Overlap in teams

    I prefer to avoid type overlap because we only have a 12 type maximum for our teams and I want to have as much STAB options or different resistance spreads as possible. But here's what I think. The actual important thing to avoid when you commit to type stack is weakness overlap. That's where...
  9. Gengarzilla

    In a personal level, how are you dealing with the end of Satoshi's adventures?

    I personally accepted it as I have routinely criticised the direction taken by his final series, privately and publicly, for a significant majority of its existence. Ash Ketchum was a far more enjoyable character when he wasn't a sloppily written and shoehorned "Champion" undeservedly carried by...
  10. Gengarzilla

    Leaks and/or Rumours Thread

    I love how this leaker was so incessantly focused on getting online reactions with their "first time ever" wording on backwards transfers that they forget about the Time Machine. It's what I predicted, but wow, can the charlatan at least do some research on the subject matter before posting...
  11. Gengarzilla

    First Legends Arceus Shiny?

    Mine's still Bidoof, of course. I just wanted to note that I caught a Shiny Hisui Arcanine back in last December after a few weeks of searching. It's the first time I've actually hunted for a Shiny Pokémon in any game ever, because normally I just run into these things by chance. And it's a...
  12. Gengarzilla

    I'm making a checklist of things to complete before DLC

    At the moment? Basically just waiting for HOME's update, and then I'll need to get my intended new Pokémon fully integrated into the team. Natures, EVs, IVs, abilities, moves, held items, levels, Tera types, all this usual stuff. Though, that wouldn't actually take too long since I've...
  13. Gengarzilla

    Tera Raiding Thread!!

    After enough tries on Decidueye, I am now thoroughly convinced that a disturbing amount of Pokémon players do not understand basic type matchups or the effects of Terastal. And I also utterly hate how this boss gets multiple moves in one turn after making the barrier. Put all that together and...
  14. Gengarzilla

    What Pokémon do you hate the most?

    I have an outright starter trio of most hated Pokémon: Charizard, Greninja, and much more recently joined by Cinderace. Not quite the usual Grass/Fire/Water group but you get what I mean, I would rather pick up spilled sunflower seeds with boxing gloves than pick up one of those three evolution...
  15. Gengarzilla

    Favorite Honorary Companions?

    If she appeared in enough episodes, I would have definitely said Anabel. Her interactions with Ash genuinely felt more natural and less forced than anything from the likes of his usual human shippy targets Misty or Serena. Perhaps part of it has something to do with her also being a highly...
  16. Gengarzilla

    Which era of the anime do you prefer?

    Classic, almost entirely because of Gen 4. It's all been fluctuating since DP, some ups and downs but never surpassing that high water mark for various reasons. BW was a dumbed-down disaster, XY was too fanservice-heavy and cared far more about apologising for BW than being a well-written series...
  17. Gengarzilla

    Review JN145: Rocket-dan Strikes Back!

    I would say I don't think that's the last we've seen of them, but this disgraceful series of the Pokémon anime has made a habit of disappointing me despite all the chances I gave it, so... you'll understand if I'm not holding hope for a more satisfactory TRio conclusion in one or two weeks.
  18. Gengarzilla

    Scarlet/Violet DLC

    Ahh, Metagross is confirmed for Indigo Disk. One ask down, two to go, but I can't just seamlessly swap my Levitate Bronzong for Metagross if I can't also swap my Garchomp for Levitate Flygon in turn. The ability is too important to give up so they're ultimately a strict combo ask; both or...
  19. Gengarzilla

    Has Paul ever gotten in trouble for his abuse of Pokemon?

    The thing with Paul is that people love to assume his treatment of Chimchar is how he treats all his Pokémon, when even the show itself has debunked such an assumption as completely false. Chimchar was the unfortunate special case in which Paul was so blinded by his desire to control Chimchar's...
  20. Gengarzilla

    what are somethings you don't like about pokemon legends arceus?

    On top of that, there isn't even a Japanese government since the islands of Pokémon's Japan would at this point be home to at least the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions. We may be able to infer much of where a Pokémon region would be in relation to our world, from geographical resemblance or by...
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