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  1. Light Fang

    Pokemon tickling arena! (A tickling based role play)

    Sorry but this RP died ages ago.
  2. Light Fang

    Will it go on... Help with the fate.

    [Ok This is the last chapter of the first part of Creams story but it has a very important role to play for the choice determines if they start out on a new adventure or remain where they are with sadness in their hearts over the opportunity that they threw away] Epilogue A rumor of...
  3. Light Fang

    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Re: What if you avatar met the avatar above? Breathes a small flame at you and backs away
  4. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Sorrow… But cared for. Six years pass and Nova’s house got larger as more girls Nova helped moved in finding it a perfect place to escape from the terrible mistreatment they have faced… Yet as new people arrive Nova remains gone which meant being away from his daughter. Cream has become...
  5. Light Fang

    Corrupt a Wish v2

    Granted but you never got to eat any thing you made. I wish someone would look at what I wrote even though I know it's bad.
  6. Light Fang

    Q and A's of the what... What does it mean... and What is...

    In this fun little game... A person will ask a question and the next will give a possible meaning which can be... True, False, or a Joke. The questions must either be... "What does this mean..." or "What is..." Example Once a meaning has been made then a new question is asked.
  7. Light Fang

    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Re: What if you avatar met the avatar above? Would watch from afar scared and nervous.
  8. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Start of a new life… A few years pass but Nova seems to not age but over the time he learned of Pokémon and has given his daughter the Shiny Eevee girl the name Cream. He met other Pokémon who were like his daughter… An Umbreon named Rose, an Arcanine named May, and a Gardevoir named Grace… A...
  9. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Part 4... Oh daughter… Nova enters the town and finds everything in chaos and disorder. “Where did he go with her?!” “EEVEE OH EEVEE!” The town folk cry out as they frantically run all over their town. Nova just sits to the side and watches completely unaware of what it is they are all...
  10. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Part 3... The path is set but a final test is to be made. The surrounding change as the scene fades away and a strong darkness surrounds Nova. “The path has been set but to see if you are truly ready… You must face your own darkness.” The voice says as Nova watches darkness take form a dark...
  11. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Part 2... Bring for the Light When Nova has reached the end of the bridge the light engulfs him and the world faeds away from him into pure white. “BEHOLD!” A voice says and Nova is horrified by what he sees. “My destiny is to cause all this!” Nova see thousands upon thousands of women of...
  12. Light Fang

    Short Nova story.

    Part one... What is my purpose in life? Standing upon the cliff overlooking the crashing waves of the sea below them… A young man with wolf ears and tail, Sapphire blue eyes, and silver hair… “What is this place… What’s my purpose for being here?” He asks himself looking into the...
  13. Light Fang

    TEEN: Nova's story... The corrupted Nigma Inc

    Prologue… The Forgotten past. A young man sits beneath the shade of a tree and starts to have a dream that he wishes to forget… If it had been forgotten then maybe then he would no longer have to relive the pain he had been put through. “I’m sure looking in this flower field that I will...
  14. Light Fang

    Corrupt a Wish v2

    Each wished gets used up for a new wish. I wish my Lopunny would let me go before I pass out!
  15. Light Fang

    Pokemon within the REAL world

    Prologue A shift in the dimensions… “I can feel it… A strange unknown force is at work…” A mysterious voice says feeling a disturbance. “It’s coming… A dimension rift is about to happen which will combine three worlds… I must act now.” They quickly rush off and mention the three...
  16. Light Fang

    EVERYONE: Eevee are Magic

  17. Light Fang

    EVERYONE: Eevee are Magic

    Eevee are Magic (A story based on the calming sense that an Eevee can give) {Pokémon translation= What Pokémon say} Prologue- The sad little girl… In a forest where the wild Pokémon live there is a young Eevee who sits within the hallow tree trunk that she has taken to call home…...
  18. Light Fang

    Which starter Pokemon did you pick and why?

    Blaziken... I liked it and it turned about to be my perfect match.
  19. Light Fang

    Describe the above user's avatar with an emoticon!

  20. Light Fang

    Random Images

    My characters new sword.
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