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    New Moves for Old Pokemon

    I've also got some movesets for some of Ash's friends, rivals, and acquaintances: Misty's PSYDUCK: Disable, Fury Swipes, Psychic, and Scald (created before Misty and Psyduck returned in S/M, my thought was that Psyduck finally mastered a Water-type technique...unfortunately for Misty, that...
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    New Moves for Old Pokemon

    Like many of you, I also enjoy May's Beautifly's moveset. As for Ash's team, I've also given this some thought over the years and here's what I've come up with: BUTTERFREE: Bug Buzz, Aerial Ace, Psychic, and Quiver Dance; Ability: Compound Eyes PIDGEOT: Aerial Ace, Double Team, Tailwind, and...
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