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  1. dragon_nataku

    American Politics Thread

    So....... I don't post in this thread cause I don't follow politics, but I don't think this Ilhan Omar chick is running for president? cue someone coming along to quote the title of the thread again shakes broom at people
  2. dragon_nataku

    American Politics Thread

    I just want to clear something up. Yelling at eachother to stop derailing the thread and then continuing the offtopic convo makes you wrong too (and it's not just one person in this thread doing it). If someone is derailing the thread, ignore it or report it, and don't reply to the...
  3. dragon_nataku

    American Politics Thread
    Threadmarks: Thread Lock - July 18, 2019

    We've had to make two inthreads to try to get you guys to stop flaming eachother. We've been very lenient and none of you have gotten any warnings from this, although several of you probably should have. This is because we understand that politics is a touchy subject and tempers can flare...
  4. dragon_nataku

    American Politics Thread
    Threadmarks: In-thread warning - May 2, 2019

    OK guys, I just wanna step in here to say that, while discussing politics is fine, please try not to bash eachother or attack eachother just for having different political opinions. No lines have been crossed yet but I think we're straying dangerously close to doing so. Less accusing X side of...
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