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  1. evkl

    Bulbawiki site issues thread

    Everyone who is capable of working on this issue is focused on it. I promise you we like the site being down/unstable even less than you do.
  2. evkl

    Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

    Great British Bake-Off, Series 8, Episode 3. (It's bread week!)
  3. evkl

    Banana Milkshake

    Banana purees really nicely -- if you can get it to just about liquefy, you can do fun stuff with it, both straight-up (it's a great drink!) and for other stuff like baking. (Adding ice cream/milk thins it and makes it more smooth if you choose to drink it.) Of course adding chocolate and/or...
  4. evkl

    Neil Armstrong Dead at 82

    Kind of surprised that nobody has commented yet... The moon landing is a major pinnacle of human achievement -- it's of course an American achievement, but it's also a global one. Armstrong was able to walk on the moon because Newton figured out Calculus and the Chinese figured out rocketry and...
  5. evkl

    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    Make sure to tag Archaic; or myself so we know to see it. I'll look into it.
  6. evkl

    Ok, two suggestions

    Adding, there's no good reason for us to run that risk. Sure, it's probably just a takedown notice if it catches Nintendo's attention. But what if Nintendo decided to get serious and file civil or criminal charges against the owners and staffers of Bulba? There's just no good reason I should...
  7. evkl


    N_Studios; We do not have someone to put 2.5 man-weeks of work to a project like this. And if we did, we have many bigger projects to tackle. This is the kind of thing that I think the Wikimedia foundation would absolutely have tried handling if they believed it was feasible. I really think...
  8. evkl

    Say hello to the new moderators!

    Congrats to all the new team members!
  9. evkl

    Bulbagarden Forums Staff Drive 2012 - Come join the team!

    As long as you make your guess before you're hired, I'd say it won't affect your chances of winning a prize.
  10. evkl


    Pikachu9000 -- do you have any idea of the effort this would take in terms of man-hours of coding? I don't, so I'd appreciate some input on your end as to a rough estimate.
  11. evkl

    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    Looping in Archaic
  12. evkl

    Bulbagarden Forums Staff Drive 2012 - Come join the team!

    Good luck, everybody! Looking forward to a few new, fresh faces joining the team.
  13. evkl


    Also worth noting that calling this a GUI is technically incorrect; a GUI is the skin to a program, not the UI of a website. But anyway. I'd like a better defense of the effort behind this. If Wikipedia doesn't do something like this -- and let's face it, Wikicode is substantially easier than...
  14. evkl

    Introducing The Bulbagarden Board of Appeals

    I'm weary to give an opinion without seeing the specifics of a case like this. If it comes up, feel free to let us know and we'll have a look.
  15. evkl

    Introducing The Bulbagarden Board of Appeals

    Can you PM me some more specifics? I'm really not sure I understand what you're asking here.
  16. evkl

    Introducing The Bulbagarden Board of Appeals

    bandage_scizors Not sure what you mean by "inhibit," but board members do not sit on cases where they are involved. I'm really not sure what you mean by this. Could you explain?
  17. evkl

    Eating Healthier: Advice Appreciated

    I'd say one of the big things that hasn't been mentioned here is to basically avoid soda entirely. That's really key to being overall "healthy." Although if you have heart problems, you're probably looking to cut things like sodium and cholesterol from your diet--so avoid salty stuff and eggs...
  18. evkl

    How do you take your coffee?

    It really depends on the coffee, and my mood. I'll usually do milk and sugar, but occasionally just sugar, and more occasionally than that black. I used to drink black coffee all the time, but it really ate at my stomach.
  19. evkl

    Nearby planet-forming disk holds water for thousands of oceans

    "Nearby" is a rather relative term, and given the celestial speed limit of c, if it was traveling a few times faster than the Voyager probes it'd still take the better part of a million years to reach our solar system.
  20. evkl

    Robotic Skeleton Allows Paraplegic Woman to Walk

    I think this stuff is totally awesome, but cost is a real concern. Once they figure out how to make this kind of stuff more mass-market--and it'll probably take 15-20 years, realistically--a lot of people's quality of life will be drastically improved. Same with good prosthetic hands...
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