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  1. VeniaSilente

    EVERYONE: Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~!

    Thanks everyone for having enjoyed Valentines General! Life has been a bit busy so I couldn't get to sit down and read the comments in peace until now. That's one of the advantages of "cheating" by cross-publishing material in calendar-relevant times of the year ^_^ But yeah I try and make...
  2. VeniaSilente

    EVERYONE: Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~!
    Threadmarks: Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~!

    Some years ago, at the edge of the human city… It had been a calm day so far, in the outskirts of the large city that rested beside the forest. Up by the edge of the flower shops district, some small stores were running their daily routine. Small buildings with automatic semitransparent doors...
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