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  1. Drey

    Look to Your Left.What do you See?

    A wall and a lamp.
  2. Drey

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
  3. Drey

    Explain Your Avatar

    My avatar and signature both contain a character from the show Hunter X Hunter. (Killua)
  4. Drey

    Movies/TV Rate the Last Movie you Watched

    10/10 - Inside Out I could really relate to Riley and the movie was entertaining.
  5. Drey


    Welcome! :)
  6. Drey

    Rate the Signature Above You [v3]

  7. Drey

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

  8. Drey

    Hello Everyone!

    Wow! Nice to meet you. I'm Drey. :) It's awesome that you're a professional artist. I'm assuming you drew your avatar? If so, then amazing! Generation II is one of my favorite generations as well. Oh, and I love Espeon! Anyway, welcome to the forums and hope you have a good time here.
  9. Drey

    Look behind you. What do you see?

    I see a fan.
  10. Drey

    What are you currently least looking forward to?

    Eh my SAT scores. I'm scared.
  11. Drey

    Look to your right. What do you see?

    An empty water bottle.
  12. Drey

    What did you accomplish today?

    Finished packing for my camping trip.
  13. Drey

    Things you were thinking of buying

    A collection of Miyazaki movies!
  14. Drey

    What's the last dream you had?

    I actually forgot. I tend to forget my dreams.
  15. Drey

    What Was the Last Thing You Searched On the Internet?

    It was a song from YouTube.
  16. Drey

    Are your earphones all tangled up right now?

    Not wearing earphones haha.
  17. Drey

    Last thing you downloaded

    Skype update.
  18. Drey

    Last thing that scared you.

    I'm not even sure! I think it was a horror movie.
  19. Drey

    Explain Your Usertitle

    A "Licensed Hunter" is an experienced hunter from the anime Hunter X Hunter.
  20. Drey

    What's the cutest thing you've seen today?

    Some dog walking on the street.
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