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    Back In Business!!!

    It's been a while since I have been on here so feel free to give me a warm welcome back! :)
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    The "Check Your Signature" Thread

    Could anyone check mine? I just changed it.
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    Why do you cheat?

    Yeah ive heard of the tweaking glitch before lol you just gave me a new perspective of it. :)
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    Why do you cheat?

    Explain how this glitch works. :)
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    Why do you cheat?

    I mainly cheat just to clone pokemon and for my own benefit such as getting 999x of every item ever made in the game and for pokesaving in game battle teams that would normally take months to build such as my recent mixed sandstorm genIV team. Other than that, I really dont cheat or hack pokemon...
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    vB4 update finally successful

    Yes, Im glad it was successful! :D
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    The Sylvarant Dynasty - a gen 4 team.

    Thats a great team you got there as long as you can pull it off, and yeah your right. HP Fire Gengar could be a huge threat saying how your scizor has a 4x weakness with any fire moves along with your roserade having a 2x weakness but luckly you have revenge killers to back them up!
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    IR GTS

    Oh ok, thanks for the info! :)
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    IR GTS

    For anyone who has used this program, how does the IR GTS (Python Script) program work exactly and do you have to be using the wireless network your computer is connected to or can you use any wireless network?
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    A Warm Welcome Back?

    Hahaha.:p lol very funny.
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    A Warm Welcome Back?

    Hahaha.:p thanks everyon and im going to bedd. Ill be back on tomm. if yall want to talk. :) lol I feel like ive been missed...
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    A Warm Welcome Back?

    Hey everyone its Snakebitten13!!! I havent been on here in a while and I would like to take the time to shout out to everyone who knows me on this forum. Feel free to VM or PM me and lets get a conversation going!
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    Pikachu-Colored Pichu to be distributed via Wi-Fi: First Pokémon to be distributed ov

    Re: Pikachu-Colored Pichu to be distributed via Wi-Fi: First Pokémon to be distribute so can you get the european pichu in north america over wifi event thought it was meant for europe?
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    Which Will YOU Get? Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

    Im going to get both!!!
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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Battles please!! ill battle you!!! do you want to battle now?
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