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    Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 7: The Villanious Organisation

    I think they're gonna have two teams like in Ruby and Sapphire, Team white and team dark and obviously will want to obtain one of the 2 legendaries.
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    Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 5: Gym themes

    1. Fire 2. Grass 3. Ground 4. Water 5. Psychic 6. Rock 7. Bug 8. Dark Another idea could be that each gym could be based off of 2 types
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    Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 4: Your Poké Accessory

    I'm gonna go with poketouch It'll have time, pokemood, map, some sort of wi-fi feature, music, and probably a lot more
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    Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 1: Region

    I would think it will be in between Hoenn and Johto and there might even be some access to either one of those
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    This story is great! While reading it, it really got me thinking of how crazy this life would be if we actually owned Pokemon. You should go into movie biz haha I think the only negative side was there was very minor grammer and punctuation errors, but beside that I loved it!
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    Hey everyone!

    Thank you everyone! I'm mostly into the games I've been playing since gold version came out so i really do love the games any suggestion where I can be involved in some good game mechanics discussions?
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    Hey everyone!

    Today is my first day as a member of Bulbagarden Anyone have any suggestions to get started here? and what are the type of things that I can find out and do here?
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