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    Controversial opinions

    What was the point of Ash "mastering" becoming a Pokémon Master? The whole finale feels more like "what if Gen 3-8 Pokémon existed when Ash and travelling with Brock and Misty", than it does a finale. Honestly, this is how I would have done it: Ash gets tired of being bombarded with people...
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    Controversial opinions

    Especially since the fillers back in Johto would always make Pokémon cute and interesting instead of just props.
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    Review JN139: Takeshi and Dent and the Forest Witch!

    What's with this series? Why isn't Takeshi a doctor anymore? Is this "finale" all meant to take place in an AU or did Takeshi seriously get fired? Also it would have been nice to see him with a Nurse Joy GF or something or at least grow up a bit.
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    Review JN131: The Finals III: "The Strongest"

    I hate that it's Pikachu vs. 2 because that means instead of Sirfetch'd getting victories, it means that Pikachu gets the most amount of victories AND the final win. :/ What the hell happened to Brock's cameo?
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    Preview JN131: The Finals III: "The Strongest"

    That didn't even happen. Was Brock seriously camping out for no reason that one TR episode?
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    Preview JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

    Wait, so is OP in general ending or is the anime itself just ending?
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    Has Goh caught your favorite Pokémon?

    Despite BDSP and LA, Goh caught like 3 Sinnoh Pokémon.
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    Has Goh caught your favorite Pokémon?

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    Has Goh caught your favorite Pokémon?

    I thought he'd end with 151 Pokémon, but didn't even get that close.
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    Preview JN128: Climax! The Night Before the Decisive Battle! Satoshi VS Dande!!

    Eww, why is there a break on the 7th? This means as soon as the league ends, SV will begin with no farewell episode in between. Either the Leon battle is only 2 episodes or it's a full 3 with a rushed ending as Ash leaves for SV land. Part 1: 21st Part 2: 28th Part 3: 4th + potential last...
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    Preview JN127: Go and Aceburn! The Place of Beginnings!!

    Or even worse... Ash hypes his Pokémon up for the Leon battle, only for it to be a single 1 Vs. 1 battle with GMax Pikachu against GMax Charizard. What makes this even sadder is poor G Max Gengar won't be used.
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    What If Ash used his Fast Ball?

    Yet they still showed a Heavy Ball in Hoenn.
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    Review JN124: The Semifinals III: "Valor"

    I can't tell, but did Sirfetch'd KO two of Cynthia's Pokémon or just one?
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    What If Ash used his Fast Ball?

    Apparently the GS Ball was meant to have Celebi in it and instead of Pokémon 4ever, we were meant to see Ash's dad. I feel like the apricorn balls were just given away so we can forget about the GS Ball. Brock never brings up his Heavy Ball either.
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    Rewriting battles

    I'd re-write the last time Paul showed up in the anime. He'd use these Pokémon instead of a wannabe champions team: Ursaluna, Torterra and Gliscor. He could have then revealed that he's going to become a Ground Type Gym Leader. As for Ursaluna, just add the Hisuian evolution items into the main...
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    How would you handle Hisuian Pokemon in the anime

    I'd honestly give Paul an Ursaluna. He could have evolved Ursaring during the space-time mishap, showing more than just Ash and co. were involved in it. That way instead of using a wannabe champions team, he could have shown off Ursaluna, Torterra and Gliscor by becoming a Ground type Gym Leader.
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    Preview JN127: Go and Aceburn! The Place of Beginnings!!

    So are there TWO recap episodes in a row?
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    Controversial opinions

    Here's the thing: I liked it more when Goh JUST had capturing as his thing instead of neglecting his Pokémon we're supposed to care about. Would have been a lot better than the rushed Sobble evolutions and Grookey. Maybe he could have branched out into capturing Pokémon for professors to give to...
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    Controversial opinions

    The whole thing with bratty Grookey could have been a growing experience for Goh, by telling the monkey to stop being a brat.
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