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    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    I'm getting an Amazon "You are a winner" redirect on the mobile site.
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    Opinions on the ORAS DexNav Feature?

    I very much enjoy being able to find 2 and 3 star "Potential" pokemon with different Egg Moves (woo slightly less work!). The 'check list' thing is a good point, something I loved in B2 was the pokedex straight up saying you'd missed something in a route.
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    I have 3 Event Dragonite codes up for grabs.

    I have three extra Dragonite codes (Multiscale, Lum Berry, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hurricane, Extremespeed, Level 55) I'd like to trade them (if possible) for a couple of pokemon. Ideally I'd like Shiny Eevee Female Ralts (Ideally Shiny/With Move: Shadow Sneak/Dazzling Gleam) Shiny...
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    I give my pokemon nicknames based on other games usually. My starter is usually named Jiub (kudos if you get the reference!), others are named off of characters or creatures that they resemble or characters that are in similar locations in other games.
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    Feelings towards your Pokémon?

    I typically give my pokemon personalities. This was especially wonderful in HGSS because I could 'let them roam free' if I 'thought they wanted to'. I do not, in general, become attached to ALL my pokemon. Those that I do are generally the ones that I had a very hard time getting (either hard...
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    What would you say your signature pokemon is?

    Espeon and Crobat, I can't really decide what my 'signature' pokemon is. Espeon is my lead, but Crobat is used equally as often.
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    How can lvl 5 pokemon be dangerous

    At the end of the day, pokemon and people are different. Pokemon have defence and special defence stats and these are likely relevant to toughness of skin and something else (perhaps just a different kind of toughness). Let us not forget that human skin is much less durable than that of many...
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    What features from the old games would to like to return in future installments?

    I'd like to see the following features return: Gen 1: Nothing that I can think of. Gen 2: Nothing that I can think of. Gen 3: Secret Bases outside. Gen 4: Contests, Berry Growing, Dual-Slot Mode, Following Pokemon, Auto-Run, Separate Ball Bag, Touchscreen Menu without pressing X, VS Seeker...
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    Bulbapedia Critical Hits?

    The article would indicate that the highest one can reach is +5 steps. There is a sixth step noted, but it's only examples are moves that automatically crit. If I understand this, though, one can breach step 5 without cheating. Example: Your pokemon has Super Luck(+1) while holding Scope...
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