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  1. Esiouqrut

    What are you going to nickname your team in SV?

    Ended up nicknaming my team as following: Quaxly: Mayura, from Sanskrit for . The main inspiration is , but I like it because it's sounds like a feminine name to me despite being a word used specifically for the male ones. It also sounds flashy, very fitting for Quaxly's final evo imo. Paldean...
  2. Esiouqrut

    What are you going to nickname your team in SV?

    I usually just name all my caught Pokés the first name that came to my mind that I like after seeing the line (usually the final evo is most important). If I can't think of anything I just input some random letter and go from there. :confused: Quaxly: Don, Axote, Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie...
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