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  1. CuboneKing

    super smash brothers poke creator

    B: Nuzzle, close range stun Side B: Surf, pretty much like Squirtle’s Up B: Fly, basically Villager’s recovery Down B: Thunder, stronger and slower version of Pikachu’s Final Smash: Volt Tackle Maybe to differentiate it more from Pikachu and Pichu it could have more projectiles in its A attacks...
  2. CuboneKing

    super smash brothers poke creator

    B: Techno Blast Side B: X-Scissor Up B: I guess Extreme Speed, but I’m picturing like a mix of Lucario’s and R.O.B.’s recovery and he folds into the high-speed mode Down B: Drive Change, kinda like Shulk and the Monado, where the different drives affect Techno Blast and maybe the properties of...
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