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    Archives TCG Image Standards Questions

    1: English > Japanese > Whatever other language the card was released in. 2: General rule is 1 card image per artwork, if it's needed on a specific page. For example to show different holo patterns on a separate page, a different file can be uploaded, but we only need 1 example of the holo print...
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    Pokemon TOPPS section - adding loads of pictures

    There is a moderation queue for new users, which is more of an anti-vandalism measure. Once you have uploaded a few images and become autoconfirmed the need for moderation goes away.
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    Win a copy of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet as part of Bulbagarden's pre-order giveaway!

    Tentatively Sprigatito cause its a cat and cats are cute :) (though admittedly I might change my mind when I see the final evolutions).
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    Ocean [Hawaii] Vivillon pattern

    id love a hawaii one, have been stalking the GTS for a while without luck. I can offer a sun pattern or i could probably go to santalone forest and catch an Icy snow scatterbug. Either way my FC is: 2981-6285-5247
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