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    Bad Ad Reporting Thread

    I haven't personally seen it this bad, but a screenshot on the Pokemon subreddit is going around. View: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/fbdc6t/i_was_trying_to_read_about_the_crown_tundra/ It shows a Popeye's ad repeated throughout the page, obscuring most of the article.
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    BulbaGo - Bulbapedia App

    So, I found a post on Reddit from someone who has made a Bulbapedia app. "I'm stopping by to let you know about my latest Pokémon app that I just finished called BulbaGo! It's the only app available that connects to the official Bulbapedia site and updates in real time. Users can access over...
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    Trailers and News Discussion

    So, my theories: Lillie is UB-01, or related to it in some form. She's working for the Professor on Team Aether's orders to gather intel about something. Team Aether created Ultra Beasts. Type: Null was a prototype Ultra Beast before it was stolen by Gladion, who was a member of Team Aether...
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    Generation VI: The Future

    I feel that IF there is a Kanto remake this generation, and that's a big IF, that it shouldn't be a remake as such. Sure, bring back the Kanto region. However, have it set after the events of Generation I, possibly even Generation II. Could go about doing the gyms, maybe Kanto has expanded a...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    I have made a start to it here. Needs work, including images, but that's the sort of basic idea of it.
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    Not really a nickname I gave but I got a Caterpie called "Release Me!" via wonder trade. As I'm not usually one for obeying random instructions, I traded it on.
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    Your "What the....?" moments!

    Was against Zekrom in Alpha Sapphire at night in a cave. Threw all my Dusk Balls at it, didn't capture. Threw one Dive Ball randomly. I caught it.
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    "Wow, I was an IDIOT!" moments

    My first game was Gold, when I was 10. I started with Totodile, got to Mr. Pokemon's house, got the Pokedex, skipped through the phone call then tried to carry on to Violet City. Couldn't. Tried training up a bit then tried again. Still couldn't. Backtracked, battled my rival, tried to carry on...
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    I went through White 2 giving all my Pokemon the stupidest nicknames I could think of. Pignite - Mr. Piggy (later dumped in PC) Unfezant - Mrs. Flappy Scolipede - Mr. Buggy Aggron - Mrs. Iron Magnezone - The Magnet Golduck - Mrs. Quack Excadrill - Mr. Drilly I'm sure my Pokemon all loved me!
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Should we have a page with a list of all the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon themes, possibly also including the Super Smash Bros. themes too?
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    I guess this is probably the best place to ask, so should we have a page about Infinite Energy? It's played a major part in XY/ORAS and is a pretty major thing, so I personally believe it should have an article. I'd start one myself, but I have no idea where to start.
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    The Minor Complaint Thread

    Yeah, I know you said "unless I'm mistaken". I was just pointing out that there are other hidden items underwater that could be seen as "major". To find the plates and orb, I literally had to tap A in spots I thought an item may be (clearings in seaweed). It would be so much easier to use the...
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    The Minor Complaint Thread

    I found a few plates and a Lustrous Orb under water in other dive spots... so, depends on your definition of "major".
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    What balls did you use to capture the legendary pokémon?

    Kyogre - Ultra Ball Cobalion - Ultra Ball Rayquaza - Ultra Ball (first one thrown) Deoxys - Master Ball Heatran - Ultra Ball Virizion - Ultra Ball Latios - Ultra Ball Suicune - Premier Ball (first ball thrown in battle) Raikou - Poké Ball Entei - Ultra Ball Mesprit - Ultra Ball Cresellia - Timer...
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    The Minor Praise Thread!

    The guy in Pacifdlog Town who says "One does not simply walk into a Mirage spot."
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    ORAS demo

    Sorry, I didn't mean any offense from what i said. It's just normally I'm too lazy to search up sites and would prefer people to just post the information, so I assume other people are too. I can't speak on behalf of the other guy though.
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    ORAS demo

    It's all on Serebii. If you can't be bothered to go there: Edit @ 09:25: The Netherlands has announced that you can get the demo at their firstlook event on October 11th/12th, or at their autumn tour Edit @ 11:20: Italian details have been revealed. You can get the demo in Topolino and Il...
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    ORAS demo

    I'm not so sure it will be just to those who pre-ordered the game. A demo is supposed to draw in new people to buy the games, and if you pre-order the game, you already know about the game. I would guess that Nintendo UK would email the code to all accounts and Amazon and the other retailers...
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    ORAS demo

    Oh, I hope so! To get the code emailed to you would be great! I have accounts on Amazon and the Nintendo UK store so I wonder if that means I'd get two codes...
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    Delta Emerald Trademarked

    I guess they're just covering all their bases and that they won't actually make the game. They'll most likely incorporate elements of Emerald into the games.
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