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  1. WatcherMark

    Preview HZ024: Reunion at the Old Castle

    It still amazes me that this show is already doing a better job of showing off Galar and the Pokemon from there than the actual series meant to promote Sword and Shield did.
  2. WatcherMark

    Review JN146: Satoshi and Latios!

    Really good episode with some nice action sequences, although I can't help but be disappointed that after all that build up Satoshi didn't catch Latias. It would have been a great way to end his time on the show, and given that Shigeru and Go both have one it would have been nice for Satoshi to...
  3. WatcherMark

    Has Paul ever gotten in trouble for his abuse of Pokemon?

    I wouldn't have called it abuse. Shinji's training method was very harsh, absolutely, but definitely not what I would call abusive. The only time I had an issue with it was during the Tag Battle arc when he had his whole team gang up on Hikozaru but even then that's argubly just Satoshi's method...
  4. WatcherMark

    Review JN143: Riding on Laplace♪

    This was a very fun episode, even if it is slightly rehashing the plot from DP which also involved a Hoeruko getting stuck and evolving at an inopportune moment. I really appreciated everyone getting to play a part in the rescue, and Pikachu spotting and threatening Team Rocket into helping was...
  5. WatcherMark

    Favorite episode of Pokémon indigo league/orange island?

    Favourite Indigo League episode is Charmander, the Stray Pokemon (Ash Catches a Pokemon is a close second). Favourite Orange Islands episode is Pikachu Re-Volts.
  6. WatcherMark

    Ash's Incineroar header image: SM143 vs JN140

    I have been attempting to change the header image for the Ash's Incineroar page from this one... ...to this one from the most recent episode. However both times I have tried to change it BigDocFan has reverted it to the previous one with the justification being "pose is good but this has...
  7. WatcherMark

    Review JN139: Takeshi and Dent and the Forest Witch!

    You know what occured to me when watching the raw of this episode... Tebrim would be the perfect Pokemon to have given Takeshi. Think about it, it's Dex entry mentions that when it senses strong emotions it will respond by pummeling the one emanating them... imagine how great of a running gag...
  8. WatcherMark

    Review JNS05: The Distant Blue Sky

    Really enjoyed this episode. The story was a nice emotional piece that made Satoshi appreciate the comforts he took for granted every day as well as appreciate his family even if he didn't see his father as much as he'd like to (I appreciated the confirmation that Satoshi Snr. is still alive and...
  9. WatcherMark

    Expectations/Wishlists from "Aim to Be a Pokémon Master"

    Definitely Team Rocket getting a resoluion. I'll not be happy if it ends with the TRio just endlessly and hopelessly stalking Satoshi for the rest of eternity. I want to see them finally settle down and actually start doing things they've shown genuine talents in. I also want Team Rocket as an...
  10. WatcherMark

    Review JN135: Pokémon! I'm Glad I Got to Meet You!

    Watched with subs. First of all, again, not a single f**k could be given about Satoshi's accomplishments by the residents of Masara Town. No big homecoming, no celebrations, not one person was seen coming to greet him apart from his mother (even Kenji was off visiting Hanada Gym again it seems)...
  11. WatcherMark

    Preview JN134: Seize the Future!

    Just had a thought... considering that it's been confirmed that these episodes are occuring during Satoshi's match against Dande, do you think we'll get a repeat of Go's cameo from JN132 where he clenches his fist, with it now shown from his point-of-view (and probably coming at a critical point...
  12. WatcherMark

    Review JN133: Project Mew

    Decided to wait until subs were available for this episode. Obviously after the last episode's epic-fest this one would feel quieter, and it certainly did but I enjoyed the group exploring Faraway Island and I thought art on the locations looked great. Also, kudos to the writers for picking an...
  13. WatcherMark

    Preview JN133: Project Mew

    Go has a long, long history of unearned evolutions on this show. When Hibanny evolved, I was dumbstruck that it was happening so early when the rabbit had done so little. A whole bunch of Go's evolutions haven't really been earned, so this is hardly surprising. Plus when it comes to last-minute...
  14. WatcherMark

    Preview JN133: Project Mew

    Certainly not. But it does feel like now or never. Plus Go's Pokemon have form for getting undeserved evolutions.
  15. WatcherMark

    Preview JN135: Pokémon! I'm Glad I Got to Meet You!!

    While I certainly don't think the show will end, per se (for one thing, I can't believe they'd end the show without giving Team Rocket some solid resolution), I do feel it's going to be going on hiatus for a while. The behind-the-scenes problems are clearly deeply rooted now so they're going to...
  16. WatcherMark

    Review JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

    Twenty-six years earlier... What an episode! This had everything we wanted... cameos from everyone, fantastic animation, music was superb. I genuinely can't fault this. I'm going to wait until subs come out for a complete opinion but I can confidently say this was one of my favourite episodes...
  17. WatcherMark

    Review JN131: The Finals III: "The Strongest"

    If it turned out that the gimmicks could cause a catastrophe like that then I'd imagine everyone would be told to smash their Mega Stones, Z-Crystals and Dynamax bands.
  18. WatcherMark

    Preview JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

    You know, if Table Mountain is covered in snow in the transition to its dry period it would give the Project Mew episodes a nice Christmassy feel.
  19. WatcherMark

    Review JN131: The Finals III: "The Strongest"

    Just spotted this guy making a stealth debut in the crowd towards the end of the episode... Man, the whole Kajicchu line really got screwed over by Journeys, huh?
  20. WatcherMark

    Preview JN132: The Finals IV: "Partner"

    My prediction regarding this episode is that we'll get a Gigantamax clash between Pikachu and Lizardon with Pikachu winning only to then be just defeated by Aceburn. That way Satoshi still has a victory by being the only trainer to defeat Lizardon in a battle and managing to take Dande right to...
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