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    Which Pokémon Movie has the best opening credits sequence?

    To be specific, I'm talking about the part at the beginning of the movie with the credits rolling over it, which usually has the theme tune playing. You know, like the battle at the start of the first movie against the Donphan guy. For me, it has to be Spell of the Unown. A full six on six...
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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Looking for OU 6 vs. 6 lvl 100 battle Anyone else want a match?
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    crazy battle I had

    64%, I heard.
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    crazy battle I had

    Yes, it does. Serene Grace Air Slash has a 60% chance to flinch. So, it's not that unexpected that you flinched a lot.
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    A Newbie's Guide to EV/IV

    Re: A Newfag's Guide to EV/IV I usually start by checking my Pokémon's Characteristic - that gives an idea of what one of the IVs is (check out the Bukbapedia article). Then, if you talk to the man in Platinum's Battle Tower standing in the top right, he can give further information; he'll...
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Brock's Sudowoodo Brock's Forretress Tracey's Venonat Tracey's Scyther James' Mime Jr. And... Hm. Something else?
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    New Abilities--Post your ideas

    Sleepwalker This Pokémon can still attack whilst asleep. Conversion3 Whenever this Pokémon uses a move, it become that move's type. Incorporeal This Pokémon isn't affected by Physical attacks. Pickpocket Whenever this Pokémon makes contact with a foe, it has a 25% chance of stealing...
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    Beta Things/Errors in the Game-booklets?

    Wow, Blissey would be broken.
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    Honey tree difficulties?

    I was lucky; the very first time I decided to put Honey on the trees, came back the next day, and bam! Munchlax. Apparently only 4 (I think) of your trees can possibly be Munchlaxes; so, I know one of mine is that one above the Mansion. I got a Heracross in my next attempt.
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    Shiny Pokémon by RNG Abuse

    Re: RNG worth it? I think you need 4 to 8; pretty sure someone I knew needed 6 chained ones.
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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Monocolor tourney Don't forget Moltres! Yanmega?
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    The Theme Song Game

    Re: The Theme Song Meme Hitmontop - Dizzy, by Tommy Roe (or You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive)
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    Cel identification help?

    Trying to think of episodes with destroyed buildings I checked out Tentacool and Tentacruel and Showdown at Dark City, but it's neither of them. It did remind me of Saffron when I first saw it...
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    lamest/most pointless moves

    Did you just say Baton Pass and Curse are useless? Umm... And I've KO'ed enemies with Struggle before. It was better before they upped the recoil damage, though. Anyway, what would you have them do once they're out of PP? Just sit there until they get knocked out?
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    Game UK Pokemon Event

    So, Birmingham or Bristol, I guess... Half an hour to an hour's drive away?
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    Cancelled Games Murder in the Dark [Game inactive, please restart]

    Re: Murder in the Dark So, another innocent Pokémon dead. It looks like the killer won't be content until they've murdered everyone. Judging by the heavy footprints leading to the room where Flare's body was found, it seems a weightier Pokémon might be the culprit... So, I'll vote for Pilly...
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    R/B/Y race to the finish!

    I have a Super Gameboy, but my SNES is pretty finicky; you have to hold the games in at the right angle to get it to work at all.
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    I want the auto level 100; be helpful for checking IVs and stuff.
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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Looking for OU 6 vs. 6 lvl 100 battle Good game! So shiny...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Here's a question: I'm using two DSs, a copy of Pearl and a copy of Platinum. I want to have a wifi battle between them. I can get both trainers into the wifi room just fine, and they can see each other. I then start looking for a battle with one of them, and go to accept with the other one...
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