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    What's going on with the forum styling?

    It seems that all styles Bulbagarden are making pages load most fonts a size bigger than normal, and all images loaded are sort of blurry, even indexed GIFs. I checked my browser settings on Firefox 11 and everything is the same as it always has been, I confirmed it wasn't just me by checking my...
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    I think one of these is long overdue. :D

    Hello, I am AlexTheRose, a combining of my middle name Alexander and my last name. I am very fond with Pokémon, message boards, and the internet in general, and manage a website network called Thunderbolt Networks, its mainhead being Pikapost. I am a Tier-5 supporter at PC and have a YouTube...
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    What belief/moral system represents what shipping to you?

    So, beliefs and morals are what hold humanity together, and I don't think we as a species would've gotten far without them. So, to the main topic: What belief and/or moral system would partially or wholely represent a shipping to you? Ancient and dead faiths such as Celticism, Classical Greece...
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    "Funky Beatz", A melody from another dimension~

    This is the weirdest and most ear-catching song I've heard in like three years. It's actual name is unknown to me, so if you know what it is, please tell me and I'll fix the title :dodgy:. However, I have come up with an unofficial name for it: Funky Beatz. I heard this song on a web development...
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    My YouTube Pokémon VG Music Uploads — AlexTheRose1 [UPDATED 05/06/2012]

    PMD: Titlescreen Music Galactic Boss Battle Theme Magma/Aqua Leader Battle Music PMD: Escape Begins R/S/E: Shoal Cave Please share your opinions on what you think of these videos, as I made them myself from scratch! Post replies about audio/video quality, song choice, picture...
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    What is your favorite glitch in the main series games?

    Hence the title, what's your #1 favorite glitch out of all of the main series Pokémon games? Bear in mind, this only includes legitimate, reproducable glitches, not random glitches or happenings with a cheating device. For me, it must've been the cloning glitch in Emerald, as I don't know...