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    Japan Holidays

    It’s been a while since I’ve actively been around and a lot of stuff has happened since then offline which included a nearly 7 week hospital stay and some work-related issues, and I’m sorry for that. That aside, I decided to start a thread about Japanese holidays. I’m a bit late for January...
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    Rate the Anime Ending Above You

    Since everyone was having so much fun with the Anime Op thread, I decided to make a thread for the endings, and thanks goes to Black Butler for creating the Anime Opening thread. I'll start...with...this... http://youtu.be/g9zcGg8OsUs It's a simple ending, but has a nice 80s feel to it...
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    Shadow Island

    This story is rated PG13 for...I don't know, really, it just is. lol The genre of this story, I guess you could say is a mix of Mystery, Fantasy, and Adventure The couples for this fic - if you care - are: Ash x Misty; James x Jessie; Butch x Cassidy; Todd x Duplica (hinting); Brock x OC...