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    I bid you a belated welcome to the forums.

    I bid you a belated welcome to the forums.
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    Wait, so you're Tregrenos? Does that mean Yewer has been just one person for the past year? mind==blown
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    Start Ups Immortals

    "That's a weapon? Do you hit people with it?" Vincent asked, brow furrowed. He supposed he wasn't in much position to judge, considering his weapon of choice.
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    Start Ups Immortals

    His advances were spurned. Oh well. He turned to Ken, swiveling around in the stool. "Ah, another vampire? Nice to meet you." Vincent said. He leaned to the side a bit. Was that a sword on his back? That was a sword on Ken's back. "That's a sword on your back." Vincent said.
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    Start Ups Immortals

    "That's because..." Vincent said, then stopped. The answer was on the tip of his tongue. But then it fell off. "I smell human? I'm not wearing any cologne, but I suppose I'm flattered nonetheless. We can discuss it over dinner, if you like."
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    Start Ups Immortals

    "Name's Vincent." The token human said, looking up from his napalm, which he was idly sloshing back and forth in it's jar. He turned to Ammy. "Like the one Japanese goddess lady from that video game?" He asked her.
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent plopped a jar of a gluey white substance down on the table. "I've got it covered." He said. He'd spent about an hour making the mysterious fluid in the jar. "Check it. Napalm." He'd used the packing peanuts that had came with the components of his other project. The shopping cart he had...
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    Sign Ups The Elementals (Hopefully my first RP)

    Name: Trevor Redford Age: 17 History: Trevor is a bastard child. His mom spent most of her time drinking or at work, so he didn't have a lot of guidance as a kid. When he was little his mom sometimes left him alone, and it just so happened that the only thing that was on during those times was...
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    Belated welcome to the forums.

    Belated welcome to the forums.
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent had his card, and usually kept around a hundred or two hundred dollars on it. But he somehow doubted Ajah here would accept it, and having just heard the man's explanation, was wary of bargaining his soul. "Maybe some other time. Thanks." Vincent said, then ran to catch up with the...
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent didn't leave. He had other questions. As a human, he had a lot of metaphysical conundrums he wanted answered. He wasn't sure about being alone with this man - he'd seemed a tad nonchalant about watching a decapitation and subsequent cranial mutilation - but he had a golf club, and...
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    Start Ups Immortals

    As soon as he had asked his question, Vincent had made his way to the sink. Warm water began to fall from the faucet, and he tore a paper towel from the roll. He listened to the others while he mopped the grime from his chest. Alright, he was finally going to learn if Bram Stoker had his facts...
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent pursed his lips, shrinking back as Wyatt kicked the emancipated brain towards him. He'd seen this kind of gore in horror movies before, but in real life, it was a whole different story. The wet squishing of the brain, the way he'd torn it from the head, and the smell...Oh god the smell...
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent had been late arriving to the house. He'd missed the bus home from school, and he arrived at the house just in time to see Wyatt decapitate someone. He rushed to the door and flung it open, brandishing a golf club he had purchased for self defense. He quickly navigated to the basement...
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    Start Ups To Be a Hero (Start Up)

    As they progressed into the lava zone, Victor felt the air grow heavy with warmth. For the past few days, autumn had been upon them, and going from that into the lava zone was like stepping into an oven. Victor felt himself shrugging off the leather jacket he'd been wearing. He was a little more...
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    Start Ups Immortals

    "I'll go too." Vincent said. "I might be just a human. But if lizardpeople are making trouble at supermarkets, that's everyone's problem." This was actually exciting for him. It was like a video game. He made a mental note to re-watch Buffy. "Do we have an armory or something around here?" He...
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    You! You have a final fantasy RP! I will join it! My character will be a beautiful anime man!

    You! You have a final fantasy RP! I will join it! My character will be a beautiful anime man!
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    Start Ups Immortals

    Vincent let out a deep breath. He had only learned yesterday that there was this crazy world beneath his own, filled with snake men and dragons and crazy stuff like that. He had been afraid that he'd lose all of it after this incident. But it seemed that the inn was a lot more liberal. "They...
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    Sounding Board 2.0 - Post & Discuss Your RP Ideas!

    To be fair, Paranatural was largely inspired by works that feature kids going on supernatural adventures (e.g. Scooby Doo, Bailey School Kids, Gravity Falls).
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    Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

    "Dammit! This kid's good!" Lieutenant Surge said, rolling out of the way of the lava plume. The control room was a large, semicircular room. Normally it would be full of operators, but the ship wasn't meant to move out of dock tonight. Thus, there was ample room to make this a fitting stage for...