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    British soldier killed in deadly terror attack

    Surprised this hasn't been covered yet. Quick warning: the video's rather unsettling (apologies for not being able to embed it properly -_-;). Source Apparently, the victim's name was Lee Rigby, and he served in the army for 7 years, 6 months of which he spent in Afghanistan. Live updates &...
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    Margaret Thatcher dead following stroke--now with live coverage!

    source In other news, I hear the UK's largest Dance Dance Revolution is soon to be constructed. EDIT: The after party various reactions to the event more or less as they happen
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    Wanted: Any Magnemite

    So, I want to participate in the Magnemite Coil, but for that I need a Magnemite, and I can't get one without violating my Nuzlocke rules on White 2 (and my other game cards aren't far enough along to get one with the PokéTransfer). I don't have anything valuable to trade (well, unless you count...
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    North Korea launches long-range rocket

    Can't believe no one's posted this yet ... Source What does everyone think. Is this something to be worried about? I'm a little anxious that this could be a precursor to a much greater conflict, personally ... EDIT: Small update:
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    TMs & HMs: where do they actually come from, again?

    Simple question: Where do the people who give us technical and hidden machines (randomers, Gym Leaders, etc.) get the TM/HMs from in the first place? Is there like a secret H/TM factory we don't know about, or something? Please, help me out here.
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    Seeking random eggs--name your price

    Looking for a couple of eggs, just don't tell me what's in them--I want it to be a surprise, haha. Only exceptions are no story mode eggs (i.e no Togepi & Riolu, or eggs from Primo), no starters, and no hacks. So if you've got any spare you need to off-load, or some you're willing to trade...
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    Good job stifling the competition Microsoft...

    Right, so I'm trying to uninstall internet explorer 7 (I'm using chrome now) in my ongoing attempt to maximise my computer's memory. So, search for the uninstall program in windows explorer but there isn't one. Huh, undeterred I go to programs & features to get rid there but it doesn't appear...
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    Any Misfits fans out there?

    Hey, if "farmvil" can have a thread then this is deifnitely worth a go. So, what does everyone think to E4's rapidly growing cult phenomenon? What do you think of the characters? The plots? Personally, its one of my favourite shows, though it occasionally frustrates me (Like what happened...
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    How would you feel if TR actually managed to steal Pikachu?

    Title & poll say it all. Do you think so and if so how/why? Why not? Personally, I don't find pikachu to be a particularly interesting character and would relish the angst & drama it would inject into the show. It would also give TR a chance to show off their more villainous side which I...
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    General Questions Thread

    I can't believe this thread doesn't exist yet... Anyway, I made this because I was trying to research the American Presidential nomination/election method but the information is scattered in various places all over the internet. So anyways, for my questions can someone tell me exactly how...
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    Well hello ladies!

    Hey everyone, I'm Green Zubat and im clearly a newbie :) My favourite pokémon are Starmie [cuz water types are ace] & Blissey and I like my tea 3/4 milk :p How're y'all?