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  1. K


    Hey! Hope you have a great time here!
  2. K

    How much do you care for stats?

    It depends on what I'm doing with the pokemon; if it's in-game, like going through and getting badges, I'll use almost anything. If it's competitive battling, I use pokemon with stats high enough to be able to last. Like in competitive battling, I wouldn't use a luvdisc or a spinda. Since...
  3. K

    Thanks, everyone! :)

    Thanks, everyone! :)
  4. K

    Thanks for the aron!

    Thanks for the aron!
  5. K

    Ok, I'm ready for the trade.

    Ok, I'm ready for the trade.
  6. K

    Post your Trainer Information (Name, Gender, ID, SID)

    Platinum Zephyr (M) ID: 12345 Lol, this is not a joke. Yes, my trainer ID is as simple as it can get. :)
  7. K

    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Is there any way to find your SID without randomly finding a shiny, or chaining 4-8 shinies? I want to start RNG'ing but I can't because I haven't found a shiny on my game yet.
  8. K

    Favourite Shiny Pokemon?

    Re: Best Looking Shiny Pokemon I would have to say Umbreon because of the blue markings, Ninetails because of the silver fur, and rapidash because of the blue flames. I can't decide between those three. XD
  9. K

    My Introduction to Bulbagarden Forums

    Hello, fellow Bulbagarden members! My elder brother, Brent, suggested I make an account here, so I did. This is my first time here, but I guess you could say that I have a little battle experience when it comes to Pokemon competitive battling. If you don't already know Brent, he's a pretty...