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  1. p0pp1i0D3f3nd3r

    SPECULATION: Generation VIII Games Speculation

    Yeah, A Grass/Flying Peacock pokemon NEEDS to be done, Besides, We need MORE Avian Grass/flying types other than Rowlet & Dartrix!!
  2. p0pp1i0D3f3nd3r

    SPECULATION: Generation VIII Games Speculation

    I'd Love to see It take Place in Australia(The Potential HYPOTHETICAL Ideas made by Someone else, that I'm sharing with this place can be found here: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ5xrLZwkdo&google_comment_id=z131ibzr4y2zxdrqg04cclnrjwyqdvvzmmg0k ) or Even Alaska, Canada, or...