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    Favorite Mono-Type Type?

    If you had to choose one type out of all 18 types to make a full team of 6 from, which one would you choose? Imagine you are in charge of a gym, in the Elite 4 or just generally a trainer with a love for one certain type (i.e. Bug Catcher or Fisherman). You could also list the team you would...
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    Your Canon Games?

    Every generation has multiple games covering the same story with only a few differences. Which game of each gen do you consider as the 'correct' version of the story? For me it's this. Generation 1, Red: it is nearly the same as Blue version but the only reason I consider Red version the...
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    I'm not really into these introduction posts but it felt kind of necessary to make one. Just to show you guys who I am. I started playing Pokemon Red when I was about 6 years old and I've been a long time fan of both the games and the anime. I had a period between my 14th and just recently...