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    New Games to be titled Pocket Monsters Black and Pocket Monsters White

    From the Official Japanese Pokemon website: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/bw/index.html
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    Courtesy of Pokébeach.
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    Is there any way for me to get the Secret Key?

    I completely missed the event in America because it just slipped my mind. Is there anyway that I can get it from someone else who had it, or is that just not possible? I heard that it can be shared between 5 people, but I'm not sure how this actually happens. Any help's appreciated; thanks!
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    On the topic of nudity...

    Is there some sort of unspoken rule on the public display of nudity in art? As in, I realize that you can show a painting like the Birth of Venus or The Creation of Adam on standard programming for television while you can't display Janet Jackson's "nip slip." But what got me curious was when I...
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    Firefox remember me problem?

    I've been having a problem with firefox not remembering my email/username when I check the "remember me" boxes. They stay until I close firefox, and then when I open it back up, they're erased. My cookies are set for "keep until they expire," so I don't know what's going on. Help?
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    What does your workspace/room/etc. look like?

    If you're currently using a desktop computer or a laptop computer on a desktop, what else is on that computer desk? And is it neat, dusty, spick and span, papers spewed everywhere? For me I have my monitor, two speakers, a desk lamp, a tablet and a pen/pencil tin occupying my desk. I have...
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    Why was Jun introduced to the anime?

    While I have nothing but gratitude on the writers' part, I can't help but wonder why they decided to include Jun as opposed to one of their usual anime-only rivals. I thought that the reasoning behind it might be because he's Palmer's son and they plan on doing some big story with the BF...
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    Pokémon: The Sinnoh Journeys! (Hand Drawn Comic)

    So do you all remember this? It was a "revision" of the comic that I had in my mind for a while . . well, over this past Summer, I actually started working on the comic and yes, revised it again. So without further ado: Current Page: Chapter 1: 005 Pages Characters Adventure Map Prologue...
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    'Magic Negro' Satire, RNC Candidate Says

    How 39% of people polled are fine with this is beyond me. Source.
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    Why did the writes decide to make Jessie a "serious" rival?

    What was the reasoning behind this? Were Dawn's rivals too boring and to make up for it they're using Jessie, someone who comes from a team that can never really get anything accomplished? Or was this to finally have Team Rocket accomplish something? Are the writers moving in a new direction...
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    The 2008 American Election Poll Thread

    So Bulbagarden, as Election Day approaches, I see it fitting that we have our own election to see who would win President if it only depended on us! Away with the votes!
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    Are the writers trying to stick more to the games this time?

    I've noticed that the writers haven't really made up many locations for Sinnoh as they did in previous generations. Is that because Sinnoh is too big to begin with and has as many cities as they need, or are they trying to stick more to where the anime's roots are? They're also focusing more...
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    How mature are kids and teens today?

    I know there are many adults on this page, and I'm just wondering, how has the life of a teen changed from when you were a teenager? Is it more violent, happier, more ready to vote, more mature? I'm sixteen and a senior in High School, so I'm not really going to be the one to make the first...
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    (WIP) Politoed looking to the Night Sky

    I just recently started EV training a pokémon for the very first time, a nice little Poliwag . . well it's now a Politoed and in celebration of my first EV trained pokémon, I drew a nice little drawing . . which turned into a fully fledged pretty big project that I'm currently coloring in...
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    Japanese/English Anime Names

    Since there was some posters recently who were confused by Japanese names Dogasu had posted, I've decided it might be best if I made a list with all the names of trainers and their pokemon. However, this list is limited to people with recurring/important roles on the show and will not contain...
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    Cloverfield: Yay or Nay?

    So for those of you who've seen the ever-so-hyped movie Cloverfield already, what did you think? I personally think it was AMAZING, I loved it. Definitely in my top five favourite movies . . . my favourite movie of it's type. I'll go into detail later about what I liked so much about it ...
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    "My name's Victoria, I'm 15 years old and I'm GUNNA have a baby!"

    This is classic trailer trash, I don't know if everyone has seen it on here. (caution: contains sexual things, obviously) http://youtube.com/watch?v=WeGLHKJzyBo Basically, this girl, Victoria, is going to do "whatever it takes" to get her baby and if that includes "prostituting [her] body...
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    Favourite/Most Visited Website?

    What's your favourite/most visited website? While it's not my favourite, it is my most visited: myspace *ashamed* My favourite is probably bulbagarden just because I like interactions and debates between the fandom (if they're reasonable). Hm. I take that back. My favourite is bulbagarden AND...
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    Do You Think There will be a "Filler" Saga?

    Do you think there will be a saga like the Orange Islands or the Battle Frontier after Diamond and Pearl? If so, where do you think this new saga will take place?
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    Where are they animated?

    No, not another "where are the characters supposed to be in relation to our world" thread, it's a "where are the buildings where the anime is animated" thread! I was just wondering where the development of the show took place, if anyone could help, that'd be much appreciated.