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    Side Quest Discussion

    The Safari zone, the Game Corner, the Pokeathalon, and the Musical. All ways to divert your attention from the main journey or give you something to do afterwards. Will X and Y do the same? If so, what facilities do you think we'll have? I personally want the Safari Zone and the Game Corner...
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    Pokemodify a quote!

    I thought that it would be amusing to see what everyday quotes, famous sayings, and such would be like if a Pokemon twist was added to them. One example would be my signature (thanks to Why So Serious for the quote.)
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    Contest: Regigigas vs. Slaking

    The two normal types with an attack of 160, a BST of 670, and crippling abilities. Which would win in battle, and which has the better design? I personally think that Regigigas is better. This should be painfully obvious considering my username.
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    If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

    If you had the option to have any superpower(s), what/which would you choose? I'm not going to list all of mine right now (it's a big list), but one power I wish I could have is Geokinesis.
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    Blog Post Button

    If you can't blog a post in a closed thread, why is the button still there? I know that the button can be removed, as evidenced by the absence of the quote button, but why?
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    Image border

    How do you get the border shown in images like this and this? I'm thinking Powerpoint, but I want to be sure.
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    The equation game

    I'll tell you how the game works with examples Poster 1 types: (insert object here) plus Poster 2 types: (insert a different object here) equals Poster 3 types: (insert the product of combining the first two objects here) Poster 4 does the same thing as poster 1 Poster 5 does the same...
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    Is there already a category listing the "Special" functions? If not, could it be made?
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    Which Starter will you choose, and what will you nickname it?

    Which starter will you pick for BW. I''ll be going with the grass one.
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    Why does Bulbabot make duplicate threads?

    Why does Bulbabot make a second thread of a news article a few hours after it posts the original thread? Is it intentional, or a glitch, and if it's the latter, why hasn't it been fixed?
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    I personsally think they should bring the pokemon theme park back. For those who don't know, Pokepark was a pokemon theme park that was open from March to September 2005 in Japan, and June to September 2006 in Taiwan. Does anyone else agree? And if so, where? Should there be more than one...
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    Link Account

    While I was digging for my referral link, I noticed something that said "Link Another User's Account" with a space for a username and password. What exactly does this do?
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    Homework help thread

    Have a question about a math problem? Need help with a (insert language here) paper? This the place to ask for help!
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    Social Group

    How do I start a social group? This question has been bugging me for a while now.
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    Movie Promotion

    On the website for movie 13, I found this. http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/presentscp/ I believe this is some sort of promotion, but I'm not 100% sure due to the fact that I can't read Japanese.
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    Pokéathlon discussion thread

    This is the thread to discuss anything Pokeathlon-related, including aprijuice, tips, and the events themselves. I apologize if this thread was already created. One of the things I like about it is how it makes getting rare candies so much easier. Also, I find myself doing well at the jump...
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    Metronome Moments

    This is the thread to post some of the most memorable times involving the move metronome (whether you used the move or not), particularly in the case of it calling a ridiculously rare move (for example, Dark Void, Icicle Spear, etc.) Two of mine were when metronome called Sacred Fire, and...
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    Gold and Silver

    I've seen multiple pictures of Gold and Silver (HGSS design) in what appears to be the anime. Are/have they really making/made an appearance in the anime? If so when?
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    Best Moves

    State which move you think is best. If you can't decide, list a few of them. I'll start: Judgement: with 100 base power, a guarantee of stab (except when used by a Smeargle holding a plate) and the fact that it can be any of the 17 types you wish (just change the plate to make it the type you...
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    I just encountered a 502 error message. Perhaps this may be the start of a new outbreak.