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  1. Alexg23

    Returning user here

    Not sure what to say so I'll keep this short. About 11 months ago I left because I wasn't as active as I used to be due to moving on to other sites, and I'm back now because I saw something that reminded me of here and I thought "Hey, I should go back, see how it's changed." I'm not sure if I'll...
  2. Alexg23

    Ever heard This Song, V2

    The original has been dead for exactly 6 months, so I'm going to revive it now. Basically it goes like this: one person posts a song's lyrics, the next person replies either with the song's title if they've heard of the song, or they can pass, and either way they have to list another song and so...
  3. Alexg23

    Randomly created gyms

    This thread is based off of this thread, which in turn is based off this. As you may have guessed from the title, this thread is about creating Pokemon gyms via RNG. 1.) Go to random.org and generate a number between 2 and 6. This is the number of Pokemon you're allowed to use in your gym...
  4. Alexg23

    What do you think the user above looks like?

    Title tells all. Just describe what you think the user above looks like in as much detail as you want. Other than the usual BMGf rules, the only rule is you can't the Official BMGF Picture Thread to help you. I think the user above me looks... invisible.
  5. Alexg23

    Shippings you'd want to rename?

    Are there any shippings that you would prefer had different names? For me, I think Senirasu Shipping's (Volkner x Candice) name is too hard to remember, let alone pronounce, so I just call it Freeze Shock shipping.
  6. Alexg23

    Your Favorite Gym Leaders

    I checked, and while there are threads like this, they are all long dead, so let's try to keep this one alive, OK? My favorites: Blaine Bugsy Jasmine Wattson Flannery Norman Tate and Liza Wallace Roark Gardenia Maylene Byron Candice Volkner Elesa Skyla (all time favorite) Brycen Iris Roxie...
  7. Alexg23

    Make assumptions based on the poster above you's claims

    See title, just make assumptions about the person above you based on the claims they have in their sig. (If you don't have any in your sig, put them at the bottom of your post) The person above me is (literally) a no-body.
  8. Alexg23

    Your gym's secondary function

    Here, we like to talk about what would happen if we were gym leaders. The types we'd use, the Pokemon we'd use, the regions and cities we'd be in and the badges we'd hand out. But there's one thing that hasn't been talked about, and that's the secondary function of these gyms. If your not sure...
  9. Alexg23

    What apps do you use/play all the time?

    See title. Note that they can be on your phone or your tablet. There's this game called Summoners War, and I can't stop playing it! It's so good! :boom:
  10. Alexg23

    Splatoon: love it or hate it?

    Post your opinions on the upcoming game Splatoon here. Do you think it is Nintendo's best idea ever (other than Pokemon)? Do you think no-one will want to buy it? Or do you think something else?
  11. Alexg23

    What's the trolliest thing you've done while playing?

    Of course, there's a difference between trolling and being mean, so no stories of hacked Pokemon and the like please. You know that woman in Friseur Furfrou? The one who tells you how long your Furfrou has kept it's style? If you keep it long enough, she'll give you a prize. However, that means...
  12. Alexg23

    Your LEAST favorite Pokemon game

    Everything has a bad side, and Pokemon is no exception. Is there any Pokemon game that you just did not like? (or do you think this is just blasphemy?) The only rule is that you have to have played the game, so in that case I don't have one, but if I did, it would be Pokédex 3D Pro. Why is this...
  13. Alexg23

    Weird stuff the Memory girl says

    While I was reading the Awkward X and Y moments thread, I noticed several posts mentioned the Memory girl from Anistar city. For example: I have an example of my own too. When I showed her a Mantyke, she said it remembered meeting me "at a sewer". What? That makes no sense! There's only been...
  14. Alexg23

    Need Mewtwonite Y

    As the title says, I would like someone to trade me a Mewtwonite Y. In return, I will trade you a Mewtwonite X at the same time. It will work like this: If you are interested, reply to this thread and tell me what Pokemon you will use to hold the Mewtwonite Y. The Pokemon can be anyone you...
  15. Alexg23


    Hi!... So yeah, I'm new... um, my name is Alex, but you can call me Alexg23 if you want... So yeah, I really like Pokemon, but of course I wouldn't be here if I didn't, heh heh... um, I like lots of things about Pokemon! I like the games, the mangas, the anime... So um, I hope we can be friends...