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  1. Peridorito

    The ultimate teams for all the trainers in the series

    That title is a little bit long but I couldn't think of a better one. Basically, my idea for this thread is this: the Pokémon series has lots of different trainers in all of it's media, such as the games, anime and manga. So what if every week we took a look at the Pokémon used by a specific...
  2. Peridorito

    If you could add new subjects to school

    So, I don't now exactly how this works in the US. But here in Brazil, if I'm not mistaken, the obligatory subjects are: Portuguese English Another foreign language (in my school we have spanish) Literature Art Physical Education Math Physics Chemistry Biology Sociology Philosophy Religion...
  3. Peridorito

    Star VS The Forces of Evil

    So, do any of you watch Star VS? It's a great series, with an interesting plot, likable characters and top-notch humor. It's currently in it's second season, which means you can catch up with it pretty fast, so I recommend it if you guys haven't watched yet. And for those who have watched it...
  4. Peridorito

    Comprehensive Pokemon Blue (JP) Guide?

    Actually, Bulbapedia does have locations for japanase blue! (Well, I checked Pidgey's page and it did so I assume every Pokémon has it).
  5. Peridorito

    What is/was your favorite school subject?

    If you are in school, what's your favorite school subject? If you aren't anymore, what was it back in the day? Why do you prefer that particular subject over others? Mine is english. It's the subject I'm best at, plus if I wasn't good at english I'd never be able to do things such as play...
  6. Peridorito

    Is there a thread where I can check if my signature is too big?

    Title. I remember seeing a thread like that, but don't know where, so I'm asking here.
  7. Peridorito

    Who's Your Favorite Videogame Character?

    This is a thread to talk about your favorite videogame characters and why you like them. Yeah, we have claiming threads, but you don't really explain why you like the character/item/whatever in them. My personal favorite character is Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI. Here's a part of her...
  8. Peridorito

    The 100 Song Showdown - Video Games Edition

    Video game music comes in many varieties. It could be from a boss theme, over world theme, credits, opening, character theme, etc. Each series has a different take of how they sound to fit the game and or make it better. All of us here enjoy music from video games, I'm sure, but we're here to...
  9. Peridorito

    The Official Claim-a-Videogame-Boss Battle Thread!

    (approved by Baf) Basically, the point of this thread is to claim a videogame boss battle. Just to be clear, it is a boss battle, not just a boss. So this thread isn't to claim "Bowser" or "Ganondorf", as this could be done in the videogame character claiming thread. Instead, you should claim a...
  10. Peridorito

    Video Game Music

    I searched and didn't find this. And it really surprises me. This thread is for you to post cool video game music that you enjoy. Personally, I'm a sucker for video game music. Here's some of my favorites:
  11. Peridorito

    Fortunately and Unfortunately

    The game is simple. We start a story, and one person posts in it negatively, then another person posts and creates a positive to the negative, while continuing the story, then another person posts negatively and creates a problem, etc. E.g. We decided to bake a pie. ------ Unfortunately...
  12. Peridorito

    *Insert Generic "Hello" Message Here*

    Hi guys, I'm Tepig2000. But you can call me Tepig or Tep or anything that pleases you. I've been a lurker for quite some time and tought "Why the heck not join"? So I did it. My favorite Nintendo franchises are Pokémon (duh), Mario, Super Smash Bros. and Mother/EarthBound. My favorite...