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    What Should Have Made Ash Famous?

    Now, I’m not really quite sure about what’s going to happen to this topic, but, in any event though; What exactly has Ash done within each and every single region that he has visited to, essentially, make a name for himself in some way, shape or form? Now, this applies to both in and out of...
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    The Star Wars EU or the Sequel trilogy? (Spoilers alert)

    Just because I feel that it’s worth discussing this topic, which sequel to the Star Wars original trilogy was more preferable to you, personally, and why? I mean I’ve enjoyed certain aspects of both: Mara Jade The New Jedi Order The New Republic lasting for as long as it did The Leia/Han...
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    What to do when a Holiday is over?

    This is just something that randomly occurred to me today, and yet, has been wrangling me for quite time now; what do you do after a long anticipated holiday has come and gone? What does one do after the New Year has been sufficiently rung in? What is one expected to do after Valentine's Day and...
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    Mega Evolution or Z-Moves in the anime?

    Plain and simple; which was the better concept? Mega Evolution or Z-Moves Both require a strong bond between Pokemon and Trainer, both are considered pretty much commonplace in their respective regions and both allow the pokemon to do things that they otherwise probably couldn't.
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    Is Sun and Moon's genre the right one for Pokemon?

    It has been said that Sun and Moon is a "Slice of Life" type of show, but is that really a good genre for Pokemon? I mean, the last season had concepts like Mega Evolution, Bond phenomenon and Pokemon having energy that could possibly do anything. The previous seasons before that one had pretty...
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    The usual amount of time in-between Ash's Captures

    Simply put, how many episodes does the show usually put in between the ones where Ash actually catches a Pokemon? I ask because, looking back; in the original series, Ash caught exactly 2 pokemon in one episode and then went for 6 episodes without catching a single one, before capturing 4 more...
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    The Writing issues that have been plaguing me the most

    Here's the deal; these are the issues that have been haunting me in terms of writing the most 1. When i want to spend some time on a specific story, but occasions that are just around corner plead me to work on stories that relate to them more: Let me put it this way; with the month of October...
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    Ash's Pokemon quantity

    At this point, it's no secret that Ash has quite a few pokemon under his (for lack of a better word) ownership, and because of that, i feel the need to say the following; 1. It's a little ironic when you think about it; in the beginning, certain people had their doubts if Ash could even catch a...
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    What if certain Travelling Companions never left?

    Hypothetically speaking, what if certain friends of Ash's did not leave when they did in the anime and were actually with him during certain sagas? For example; What if Misty didn't have to return to Cerulean and had stayed with Ash when he challenged the Hoenn League and the Battle Frontier...
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    I'm caught in-between two very strong Ships

    For a long time now, I've always been a Pokeshipper through and through. Not sure what the exact reason for this was, but, i have to admit; the hints used to support this ship were rather valid in their own way. Also, Misty does have a few traits that would make her a great love interest for...
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    Have the Companion departures become less emotional

    It just feels like the anime has stopped treating the moments when Ash has to say goodbye to his companions as really sad events, or at the very least, the anime seems to be a bit sporadic about it. When Brock left the group in Season 2 and Tracey left in Season 3, the turn of events seemed to...
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    The Types of Pokemon used by the Evil Teams

    This is just something that has caught my attention a couple of times, i just had to at least try to make a conversation out of it. So far, I've noticed that the Evil Teams constantly use: Dark-Types, Poison Types, Ghost Types and at least two Teams constantly use Golbat. Have I missed anything.
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    What if Ash had taken Scott's offer in Kanto

    I don't know if someone else made a thread like this or not, but, hypothetically, what if Ash had decided to become a Frontier Brain? I know it's not exactly the same as being a Gym leader, but it is pretty darn close. Any way, how would Ash run a Battle Facility? Would he have a theme like...
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    They show it to Ash, but never let him have it

    The Pokemon franchise has always made a big deal of Pokemon like Dragonite, Lucario (though those two became common pokemon to have by this point), Ghost-types, Psychic-Types, Houndour and Houndoom, and has made a big deal of the concept of Mega-Evolution. Yet while Ash has seen all of the...
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    Does it really all come together?

    Throughout the Anime franchise, Legendary Pokemon have been said to have played a role in the creation itself in some way. But with every region having those kinds of Pokemon; Kanto had Ho-Oh, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Mew; Johto had Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, the Unown and Latios and...
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    Which was the More Threatening Evil Team?

    The Pokemon Franchise is just full of Evil Teams to serve as antagonists and the Anime does rather well in making them formidable Story Arc villains. But which of them was most threatening overall? Team Rocket claims to want to take over the world and Hunter J's organization (i think they still...
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    Pokemon that Ash may never have

    Barring the obvious legendary pokemon, what Pokemon are never likely to be in Ash's care? The series seems to be against him having a ghost-type or psychic-type (at least till the very end), as well as him having a fully evolved dragon-type. Come to think of it, he never seems to have more than...
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    How to make a villain like this work

    I'm hoping to have a fanfic I'm writing have a faceless unseen villain, an antagonist whom the heroes aren't fully aware of until only after the pieces start to come together, at least for a little while. But how do you do that kind of character properly? How do you make a character so...
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    The Flaws in the "Movie Monster meet and greet" idea

    After thinking about it, i really don't see how certain aspects of the stereotypical "All movie Monsters know each other" trope works, but not the way that might have sounded. For one thing, they keep treating Mummies like they're some sort of supernatural creature. But, when it comes down to...
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    Would it really be so bad if Ash had these Pokemon?

    Simply put, would Ash having these pokemon really present that big of an issue to the show? 1. An Eevee May had one and evolved it into a Glaceon, Gary had one and evolved it into an Umbreon, and who knows what Ritchie evolved his into. If Ash had an Eevee of his own, what he evolve it...