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  1. NintenZero

    That Moment When...

    Ayyyyyy one and all. Here's a cool little newbie game I thought of. (yaz I'm cool too ya know...) ~ Out of all the Pokemon Games we all encounter a moment when... You know. Something goes down that's ironic/amusing/irritating. From Red/Blue allllll the way to Ultra Sun/Moon. ~ SO! Let's have...
  2. NintenZero

    KPZ: Abstract Obsolescence

    Hello one and all. Prepare for the worst. I'm a freelance artist and have been working on art for the past 4 years now off and on occasionally. Over the course of time I've found myself fond of the abstract. I may or may not draw more and do more however something is truly compelling me to...
  3. NintenZero


    What's up fellow members? I'm NintenZero, hope to talk to you all eventually.