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  1. Pandaun

    PC School Removes Married Couple with Kid from School Mural

    See the story here Here is the same story, but different site and longer article: Mural controversy at Pilgrim High | The Rhode Show
  2. Pandaun

    Iraqi Teens Stoned to Death for Wearing 'Emo' Clothes

    Full Article
  3. Pandaun

    Favorite Love Quotes

    This thread is solely for the purpose of sharing romantic and love-related quotes/poems/excerpts/etc with all of the twitterpated and heart-eyed romantics/lovers/etc of Bulbagarden =) I'll start with this one: ...then I did the simplest thing in the world. I leaned down... and kissed him. And...
  4. Pandaun

    Polls for Blogs

    Ya know, I have no idea if this is even possible--but recently it struck me as a really cool idea to maybe have a poll option for blogs. I love writing blogs, and I love to ask questions in them too. I think having a poll option for the blogs would make questioning/voting/etc easier for...
  5. Pandaun

    ATTENTION: Bulbagarden Outreach October: Depression

    Depression, a topic that most, if not all, of us have a little to share on. Believe it or not, nearly everyone has suffered from depression at times, meaning that your parents, your grandparents, your aunt, your cousin's half-brother's girlfriend's sister, etc have likely also been there at some...
  6. Pandaun

    EVERYONE: Across the Region

    *cheesy kids show voice* Follow Harper as she and her magical Pokémon friends journey across the mystical region of Sinnoh! Along the way they'll make new friends and learn new things, ultimately saving the world by defeating one grunt at a time!! *end cheesy voice* Wait. No. That's not what...
  7. Pandaun

    How My Day Sucked!

    Some days, it seems like life has it out for us. From dropping your food, to tripping over your own feet, to having someone else hurt you (be it physically or mentally), your day just winds up sucking. And, often, it’s hard to find someone who will listen to you...
  8. Pandaun

    How My Day Rocked!

    Woo-hoo! Life is great, I just got all my work done in one hour, had an awesome date, and won a car! Okay, maybe our lives don’t go that great very often, but there are parts to our day that make us smile, laugh, and overall be happy. Go ahead and tell us how your day rocked, what small (or...
  9. Pandaun

    EVERYONE: It's History!

    Okay, before I start I'll go over some things. This will be a little different than most stories, in the fact that it doesn't follow a specific storyline and instead follows small bits and pieces from a specific timeline. I will keep a list of each different story--each has it's own title, call...
  10. Pandaun


    Okay, I've been searching up and down for a thread like this for several days actually, and I've yet to find one--so if there is one, redirect me towards it and close this thread. The idea of this thread is to come up with Pokémon terms you would use to substitute for language--like a form of...
  11. Pandaun

    Tea in the Garden

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLZmS5ymC0U If you are unable to watch the video for any reason, please take the time to read through the rules: FORUM AND SUBFORUM RULES: Forum Rules Due to the new Forum Rules, posts that comment about a thread's inactivity will count as Pointless Post. Fun...
  12. Pandaun

    Hallow's Unholy Vids

    Well, I recently started making videos... and Puppetmaster insisted I put this here XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3hNft2H6ck I'll make more videos, but currently this is it.
  13. Pandaun

    Another Word Game v2

    Rules To begin: Keyboard
  14. Pandaun

    Caption the Avatar Above v2

    Easy enough--caption the avatar above! The only rule is, you have to have an avatar to play!
  15. Pandaun

    Corrupt a Wish v2

    Rules I wish I had a Subway Sandwich.
  16. Pandaun

    Rate the Signature Above You v2

    Easy to play--just rate the signature above. 0/10 is the lowest 10/10 is the highest.
  17. Pandaun

    One Letter at a Time v2

    The Rules To start the game: Bottle
  18. Pandaun

    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer v4

    Welcome to v4 of one of the most popular threads in F&G To begin: What is it if it's a liquid and a solid?
  19. Pandaun

    Hallow's Music Blurbs

    So, yeah, I'm very involved in music. However, I don't record myself singing or playing a lot--because it's never as good as I want and I get all freaked out. However, I decided to record myself playing some of Arrival to Earth by Steve Jablonsky on the piano. I'm playing it much slower than...
  20. Pandaun

    What I Like About the User Above [v2]

    Welcome to v2 of one of the happiest games we have =) Before we start, I will say this: This is a thread to state something kind/nice/positive about the person above. This is not '^ The One Above', so don't just state random information about the user above, say something you like about them...