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    GEN VI: LF: Overcoat (HA) Burmy

    Looking for what the title suggests, HA Burmy is what I'm looking for. Here is a list of things I'm looking for in particular: Overcoat (HA) Burmy in an Ultra Ball [Preferably Sandy Cloak already] Overcoat (HA) Burmy in a Heal Ball [Preferably Trash Cloak already] Overcoat (HA) Burmy in a...
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    Tabor's Bizarre Bazaar [Come in and take a look see!] (Updated 06/05/15)

    Tabor's Bizarre Bazaar Hello, welcome to my humble abode! Here is where I'll hawk my wares to all you lovely people but I'll need to lay down some rules: 1. Follow all Bulbagarden rules - This should be a given. 2. NO HACKED POKEMON - No Pokechecked Pokemon - No Pokemon bred from Genned or...
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    GEN VI: Special Ball female Johto Starters [and maybe other 12.5% females too]

    As the title implies, I'm looking for the Johto starters in non-standard Balls. For those who don't know, they were catchable only in Pokemon Colosseum. That aside, I'm not looking for any specific natures, moves, IVs, and what not as I can do those on my own. Simply having a female with the...
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    GEN VI: Looking for female Johto Starters in non-standard Balls and Apricorn Ball females

    As the title says, I'm looking for the following Pokemon [IVs, nature, and moves do not matter]: Female Premier Ball Chikorita Line Female Premier Ball Cyndaquil Line Female Great Ball Totodile Line Female Net Ball Totodile Line Female Premier Ball Totodile Line Female Apricorn Ball Pokemon...
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    GEN VI: Looking for Apricorn Ball females with 4-6 IVs

    I have some random stuff to offer: Goomy Female|Modest|Gooey|Quick|31/31/x/31/31/31 Male|Modest|Gooey|Quick|31/31/31/31/31/31 Male|Modest|Sap Sipper|Quick|31/31/x/31/31/31 Male|Modest|Gooey|Quick|31/31/31/31/31/x Female|Modest|Hydration|Quick|31/31/31/x/31/31...
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    Event Pokemon

    As the title says, I'm looking for Event Pokemon, any will do. This includes stuff like the DUKING trades from Colosseum, all the way to the Dream World Events like the Eeveelution Starters. If you are interested in trading, please list what you have up for trade including what Event it is from...
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    Looking for two event Pokemon

    Highly unlikely that anyone has these events, but I'm looking for a Japanese Pokemon Smash! Mewtwo UT and a Korean Nationals 2012 Volcarona UT. If anyone has one or both, could you check out my thread in my signature and tell me if there is anything they'd be interested in trading for it/them?
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    WANTED: ROCKS Metang (UT)

    I'm looking for a ROCKS Metang that was distributed during the Pokémon Rocks America tour in 2005. Yes, it was a pretty obscure event, but I'm hoping someone here that hapoens to have one wants to trade for it. I can offer assorted shinies and other event Pokemon.