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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: gen 6 jolteon i did chart stats for spd and special atk for a while if that helps? i stopped at 68 because i had to work n my brother was leveling it on me XD i also had a Spd Power ankle on it the whole time from lvl 1-100 XD i maxed Spd/special atk at lvl 1 so stats are 7special and 8...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    gen 6 jolteon ok just wondering if my jolteon turned out good? i don`t understand these iv's n such xD so if anyone could explain that as simple as they can please do xD Jolteon lvl 100 Nature: Timid Characteristic:Strongly Defiant Hp:265 Atk:139 Def:146 Sp.Atk:296 Sp.Def:223 Spd:380...
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    hiya ^^

    thank you so much for the warm welcomes! ^^
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    Joined the fun (Finally :D)

    hiya and welcome ^^ i added your friend code btw mines in sig. also swampert is cool but my fav is still arcanine xD
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    hiya ^^

    yah totaly addicted to pokemon i told myself i wouldn`t play anymore before X nY came out so i ended up selling all my older versions and my 3ds XD and now the day it came out i ended up with X/Y Blue 3ds XL XD and pokemon X lol n now i want to go rebuy all older versions.. ITS LIKE GAHHH!!! lol...
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    Umm... Hi?

    welcome! ^^
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    Hello guys!

    hiya i added u into friends my code is in sig if u want to add me back ^^ and welcome to forums! and congratz on shiny fennekin! shines have always hated me so.. ._.
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    welcome! ^^ im currently playing X
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    Hullo :3

    welcome! ^^ and congratz on honors
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    welcome to the forums ^^ and hiya im new too hehe
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    hiya ^^

    hello i just joined this forum looks great ^^
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead my friend code is: 1736-1217-9141 Name: Lisa Trainer Name:Lisa #54238 Pokemon X ^^ i can also breed starters if u need any starters i have that i can breed are(Charmander,Squirtle,Bulbasaur,Torchic,Froakie,Fennkic,Chespin)
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