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    Black 2 or White 2, which is for you?

    I had decided on Black 2... until I looked at the list of version exclusive Pokemon yesterday. Now I don't even know. I want Zekrom, but I also want Latias, and trading doesn't cut it for me when it comes to legendaries because a) I want to be able to nickname them, b) I want to be able to...
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    What video games are you playing now?

    Portal, in developer commentary mode. Trying to figure out how the heck I got past this one room before.
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    Least Favourite Water Starter

    Squirtle because I really don't like drawing its shell, and I don't like drawing Blastoise's cannons either. Also picking any Kanto starter besides Charmander just doesn't feel right to me.
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    Music What song are you currently listening to?

    Still Alive from Portal
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    Starter Pokemon Survey

    I'm always a girl (except in my current Leaf Green file where I named my character and my rival Ness and Pokey, and also obviously in the old games where you could only be a boy). I don't really have a preferred starter type, though. My favorite starters are Charmander, Chikorita, Mudkip...
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    What youtube (non-music) video did you watch last?

    PewDiePie plays SCP Containment Breach.
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    Surprisingly, Disappointingly Easy Battles

    Every gym leader besides Lenora and Drayden, and Lenora became excruciatingly easy anyway after I leveled my whole team to 20 (especially since I had a Pignite). Iris was easy for my brother because he had a Beartic. I was actually kind of happy when I had a hard time with the Elite Four, an...
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    Do you have several of a single Pokemon?

    I've got a crapload of Ditto, Piplup, Skarmory, and probably a few other things for IV breeding from a while back, a box full of Sandile because they kept trapping me and threatening to mess up my Yamask's EVs, and I've got a few Yamask just because I like them.
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    Who is Best Pony?

    DISCOOORD, I'm howling at the moon! And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon! DISCOOORD, whatever did we do? To make you take our world awaaaay? I also like Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Derpy, Luna... but it's fun to say Discord is best pony.
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    When did you stop watching the anime?

    I stopped watching regularly sometime during Hoenn (Kyogre vs. Groudon, specifically), partly because I was bored of how long it took to get anywhere, and partly because it started coming on too early for me to bother getting up anymore and we didn't have a DVR back then. Then I started...
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    If you could be anyone from the games...

    I'd totally be that troll with the level 68 Purugly in B/W.
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    Creepiest Pokémon/Pokédex Entries

    Its Yellow entry is worse. Similarly, Houndoom's Gold entry. Also, Sableye really disturbed me when I caught one in Platinum. Even if that doesn't involve doing something horrible to people, the thought of things happening to eyes is just generally terrifying.
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    Cannot Unhear

    Venusaur's cry says "Asshole!" Cofagrigus sounds like Britney Spears in the South Park episode where she shot her head off.
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    What was the first Japanese episode that you watched?

    The one with Darkrai and Cresselia. I just really wanted to see Darkrai because it had become a favorite Pokemon of mine after I saw the movie. No, I did not care that Darkrai only showed up at the end of the episode, or that there were no subtitles.
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    VG Weekly Poll #11 Do you use the Pokémon Global Link?

    No because I don't currently have wi-fi, and the website doesn't work on my computer. It only works on my dad's laptop, and he's always using the laptop for work now.
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    Pokemon that scare you, but wouldn't usually be considered frightening

    Cherubi. "It evolves by sucking the energy out of the small ball where it had been storing nutrients." And then the small ball shrivels. THE SMALL BALL HAS A FACE. This thing is draining the life from its own half-formed Siamese twin (which itself has a creepy face, looking totally oblivious...
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    Any traditions?

    If I'm playing a version that has Abra, I will always catch one with a Great Ball. Way back in Blue, obviously there was no way to weaken Abra. Then I found my first Great Ball on the S.S. Anne, and decided it was meant for catching Abra. I think that was actually recommended somewhere.
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    Which evil boss gave you the most trouble in a battle?

    N. His Vanilluxe wiped me out the first time, and then I got swept by Archeops several more times, and I remember Carracosta giving me a lot of trouble as well. Sure, I had Reshiram, but Zekrom would always leave it considerably weakened, so it couldn't help much. Ghetsis wasn't quite as bad...
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    Review S14 EP26: Scare at the Litwick Mansion!

    Maybe it's because I knew what to expect for its voice this time, or because it got more screentime, but for some reason, Yamask's voice actually sounded cuter to me in this episode than when it first joined Team Rocket. Also, Team Rocket was actually kinda fun, which is part of why I like the...
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    Global Nintendo 3DS price drop announced: New "Ambassadors" program introduced for ..

    Re: Global Nintendo 3DS price drop announced: New "Ambassadors" program introduced fo It must be really nice to have $250 to just drop on a game system... you rich people don't have to worry about this part: Those had better get lots and lots of demand for the general public!
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