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    Can I just say the new animation is superb?

    Yes this technique of toning down details to focus on the animation is common in other anime to save time and money. Some really well animated ones tone down the details dramatically during action scenes for instance. I don't dislike Satoshi's new design and I don't see the big deal with Ookido...
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    Can I just say the new animation is superb?

    Despite there being less details in the design itself I really love how the animation is in this series now. The actual flow isn't THAT big of a leap compared to XYZ but I think more people should be praising the animation staff for putting more attention to small but wonderful extra care to how...
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    What are your expectations for Team Rocket?

    TR's problem in BW wasn't them appearing less. Some episodes actually benefit from their abscence (stories don't need bad guys hijacking them all the time). It was their (lack of) personality. So even though I also like TR as goofballs I'm on the side that they should appear a bit less often...
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    Review XY140: The Endless Zero! Until the Day We Meet Again!!

    Well it seemed that way with DP too. But XY proved some wrong. So who knows.
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    Ash's Pokémon League position

    He raised in position. How is that not progress? Also notice how the region champions are usually older than he is, or most of his rivals. Honestly, not trying to put words in other people's mouths but the two reasons that seem to be brought up are: 1. They assume because in the games and...
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    What Did You Think Of XY Team Rocket?

    They were fine. I have only two minor complaints: -Kojirou stillll felt like he wasn't -quite- back in-character, unlike Musashi who IMO was back to normal. -Team Rocket should have appeared a little less IMO. I like them but if there is one thing I miss from Best Wishes and first dozen episodes...
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    "Glass Half Empty" corner - What don't you like about the Japanese version?

    The ending themes since after Fanfare of the Heart have been terrible IMO. But I suppose that might still be better than repeating the opening again during credits roll. Other than that I don't think there's anything. I actually think Meowth's japanese voice is cute. The american one makes him...
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    [Theory] Ash's future in Alola

    "Red" and Satoshi aren't each other counterparts. Satoshi is the main character in the anime, Red is a player avatar... Even in the Origins anime Red is pretty much an avatar of the person seeing their own journey done in the original game in anime form for nostalgia sake.
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    Will the anime be able to overcome this strife?

    What made the Unova loss even worse was the real champion. Guy wasn't even a real trainer. He possibly beats Alan in record time badge collecting. And when he won he was just "oh hey bro look I got a trophy. cool, bye". He didn't even give a damn for the league. I would be more upset but I...
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    Is Pikachu getting neglected because of Greninja?

    I don't see Satoshi's Pikachu as the kind who would care for that rivalry much unless the Raichu in question was a real jerk. Or unless we're talking a friendly rivalry.
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    Is Pikachu getting neglected because of Greninja?

    Kalos League aside there is the issue of Gen VI not bringing anything new the anime could use for Pikachu. Hopefully (I actually like Pikachu as a character in the anime) next gen is different.
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    Review Kalos League Review

    People keep bringing this up but: Source? Are you sure this problem is Pokemon specific? Because the XY series has been in top 10 TV ratings in Japan more often than not. Which really means the reason might not have anything to do with the series itself.
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    Review XY131: Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!

    Why do people keep talking like they know what the producers are thinking? "Status quo"? Satoshi may not have won but a lot of the so called status quo was broken in XY. MAYBE they don't want him to win ever. Or MAYBE they want to make him lose until the anime is reaching its end. Or, maybe...
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    Review XY131: Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!

    I think people are overlooking the fact even thought he lost Satoshi was 2nd place in a league this time. Which still is, in fact, progress. And you can call Alan a Gary Stu, but to call his development "poor" is a big fallacy. Alan was introduced early and had a LOT of screentime showing his...
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    What if Misty went to Alola with Ash

    If that happened I'd probably skip the entire series. Really, I don't know if I'm the only one, but I really can't stand Kasumi's constant bickering. Especially her pre Johto self.
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    Pokemon Ash should have had on his team

    Satoshi made Buizel, Corphish, and Palpitoad look cool. He's badass enough as far as I'm concerned.
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    News Mallow in the Anime [Spoilers - Leaked Information]

    I don't want another Kasumi. I hope they manage to give her a different personality to past travelling companion girls. The unorthodox cooking part makes me hopeful she can be a fun character. Maybe then we won't get the usual "wow your cooking is the best!" scenes anymore.
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    Serena as a traveling companion

    I feel like Serena spent the majority of the time being too passive. She was IMO too into the generic MC's cheerleader role a lot of female characters fall into. Which is to me something I was glad the anime didn't have until then. I LOVE when she has episodes focused on her or shows signs she...
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    Preview XY134: Siege of Miare Gym! Citroid Forever!!

    I'll be very surprised if they allow Bunnelby to evolve and lose all charisma.
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    Preview XY131: Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!

    DP has shown the anime treats leagues differently. For all we know Satoshi could win the league but not become the official champion if he can't beat Carne. In the past we also saw Elite 4 members challenging the champion and there existing a "Champion League". I really wonder if in the anime's...
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