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  1. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    Except we the audience won't give a flying heck. Ash loved Butterfree and missed it, wanting to get it back almost immediately while Jessie being Jessie automatically thinks with her head(and not in the good way) and goes for power, realizing what she did soon after and giving it back as she...
  2. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    I'm all for it if they show Ash, TRio, and Chloe the same courtesy but it doesn't look that way seeing how they have to have Goh butt into episodes with unnecessary captures yet he can go other episodes without getting a single thing!
  3. Shadowlarvitar

    Review JN031: Hinbass's Beautiful Scale

    Geez I love Team Rocket but why even include them in a Water themed episode and not even use the Water type they own?! Chewtle's only appeared twice and they clearly intend on evolving the thing, please don't keep it away until it evolves... :/ Also Ash wanting to compete but being unable to...
  4. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    Except it won't be as emotional as Butterfree and Gourgeist cause we won't see it again lol They might as well trade it off cause that's really the only way to make this actually interesting
  5. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    And they dragged Goh along to Ash's mother's when it really should have just been Ash there....
  6. Shadowlarvitar

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    And he doesn't have lead material at all, hard to get excited for anything he catches as it immediately gets boxed. While Ash will at least use it until the saga ends and will appear again unless stricken with Kingler/Noctowl level of luck when Ash digs out his reserves
  7. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    He's still THE main character though. Even if episodes like when the TRio got their z-ring and first crystal Ash was there. Ash watched May and Dawn participate in contests Ash is necessary! Besides as pointed out they shove Goh into all of Ash's episodes yet Ash isn't allowed in one of Goh's...
  8. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    Goh is officially the worst. We can't have a single Ash focused episode without his annoying butt sneaking in and hogging the spotlight with one of his many pointless captures, but when it comes to Goh episodes? Ash does literally nothing and now he isn't even in an Goh episode at all! Yet I bet...
  9. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    Goh destroying everything the anime's built up since 2019 already so why not continue the trend?
  10. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN034: The Solitary Fighter Saitou! The Threatening Otosupus!!

    They still have Allister to show off that city, it's great they're starting to do things outside of Vermillion City in Kanto episodes. Maybe Ash can visit Fuchsia in the near future and fight Janine!
  11. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN035: Get Pikachu!!

    It's WAY too much, especially as even in Ash focused episodes Goh gets to do things while in Goh episodes? Ash just stands around like a background character. As bad as Iris was at least you could ignore her, Goh's the worst
  12. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    *bzzzt* It was bad writing give Goh Sobble in the first place. It's rightful place is under Ash's care where it will actually grow and develop.
  13. Shadowlarvitar

    Controversial opinions

    Bad writing. They should have made Gladion the endgame and give the guy a full proper team instead of trying to pass off that an entire team have been living in the same house as Ash for the past 100 episodes. It just makes Kukui come off as cruel and inhumane, never letting his Pokemon outside...
  14. Shadowlarvitar

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    *sigh* Why do people insist that Ash should trade his 30 Tauros? Better yet why is it one of the most popular things in fanfic aside from the Arceus awful 'Betrayed' fics, harems, strong/aura/ultra-smart Ash stuff?! Must I point out the episode where Wobbuffett joined the cast? People were...
  15. Shadowlarvitar

    Preview JN033: Would You Like To Do a Pokémon Trade?

    Hope Ash trades for Sobble, he'll treat it right. Just have Ash capture some Pokemon that Go really wants and BOOM! Trade! Ash has the Sobble he has a right to, Sobble doesn't end up like Marshtomp, Chespin, and Primarina and actually ends up a proper Pokemon! Everyone's happy! Ha, I did...
  16. Shadowlarvitar

    Review JN028: Sobbing Messon

    Sobble deserved better than getting with the worst character in all of fiction, even Rose freaking Tico looks better! To add insult to injury he caught Sobble with as much luck as 99.9% of all his other BS captures and it's gonna rot at the lab like the rest! And the TRio didn't get Morperko I'm...
  17. Shadowlarvitar

    Review JN014: First in the Isshu Region! The Raid Battle at the Ruins!!

    He should have failed. It'd have been nice to see him fail, constantly succeeding isn't something that helps one get behind supporting a character. If May and Dawn constantly won contests it'd have been just as boring, same as Ash constantly winning battles. Their first raid, Go comes out with...
  18. Shadowlarvitar

    What’s The Point???

    There is no point, he'll wind up missing a few when this saga ends and he finally goes away forever. Besides it'd be an injustice to Porygon if it's caught offscreen and just shown off in the dex. Not a great way to honor the species, and certainly not a great way to make somebody appreciate a...
  19. Shadowlarvitar

    Gou has got to be the worst thing to happens to the pokemon anime

    He's a screenhog, the complete opposite of a co-protagonist. All his defenders strangely enough hate Ash so whatever. Go sucks
  20. Shadowlarvitar

    Review JN014: First in the Isshu Region! The Raid Battle at the Ruins!!

    Hate that Go upgraded from being a screenhog to being a glory hog. He didn't deserve Golurk, nor did he need it. He'd already gotten Sandile and Darmanitan. I swear how can people like this terrible piece of shit of a character? He's awful The shiny collector is cool though, I hope they bring...
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