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  1. kyeugh

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    my dad works for game freak and he said the starters will not evolve this time
  2. T

    MATURE: The First Golett (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: The First Golett

    The First Golett Content warning: violence/gore, death, occult elements The humans had begun acting differently once they’d started laying their stones and building their wall, so Shah had urged Melichi to be careful. Melichi was not careful, of course, so the humans had captured him, and Shah...
  3. kyeugh

    MATURE: Rara Avis: Oak and Iron Bound

    hi there. i realize this is an ancient thread as the bulbagarden's "are you sure you want to post this" banner has helpfully reminded me, but i wanted to drop a review anyway because kintsugi bullied me into it this is a really neat story that i feel has a lot in common with my own. i had a...
  4. kyeugh

    Rumour thread (SPOILERS - ALLEGED LEAKS)

    Re: Rumour Discussion and Speculation Greninja would be more fitting, really. Obviously neither the Chespin or Fennekin lines are going to be Speed-based, so..
  5. kyeugh

    Should all types be split in the TCG?

    No. The TCG is complicated enough how it is, and there's no burning need to separate the types. It's sound how it is.
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