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  1. Ricbolog

    The International Dub Thread

    An Italian-dubbed trailer for Pokémon Horizons has finally dropped today. It will air on the channel Boing starting this february.
  2. Ricbolog

    The International Dub Thread

    Italian "Aim to be a Pokémon Master" opening end ending. Ash's final arc has started to air two days ago on K2, even though it technically already premiered August 26 on discovery+ as Ultimate Journeys episodes are getting uploaded on the platform one week before the TV airing.
  3. Ricbolog

    Path to the Peak Webseries

    In the Italian episode they used the previously existing dub of Pokemon World... from 2016, recorded at the time form scratch since the original TV lenght version made in 2009 had been completely lost along with the entire Season 2 redub. (Season 3 survived though so we still got the ending...
  4. Ricbolog

    Dub Voice Actor Guesses/Discussion

    If we're talking only about the US, and assuming the English dub stays on Netflix, It could very well premiere later, especially since a November release would be too early when the MPM arc won't be made available before September. Also, the first episode of S25, JN091, aired in Italy on...
  5. Ricbolog

    The International Dub Thread

    An interesting thing I noticed when examining the ending credits of the Italian dub from older seasons, is that in Battle Dimension they gave role credits at least in the "Voice Characterization" section, something that wasn't carried over in next seasons where everything became more...
  6. Ricbolog

    S25: Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series - Dub Title Thread

    Good points, but in this arc Ash is still wearing his Journeys outfit and when the episodes themselves were added to Prime Video Japan they were simply included in the Pocket Monsters 2019 list, so I'm personally not too bothered by it.
  7. Ricbolog

    S25: Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series - Dub Title Thread

    So, this should be the first time that a dub season had a different opening theme since Season 6 (if we go by TV/production order).
  8. Ricbolog

    Review S25 EP39: The Mew from Here!

    Yeah, that's unfortunate, but they probably went by this (cheap) logic.
  9. Ricbolog

    Review S25 EP39: The Mew from Here!

    What a missed opportunity, especially after they dubbed the Eevee segments for S22.
  10. Ricbolog

    Michael Haigney's Podcast - 'Original Pokéman'

    If it's just that, no problem for me, he alone should decide what his priorities are.
  11. Ricbolog

    Michael Haigney's Podcast - 'Original Pokéman'

    Has this podcast been de facto discontinued? If I recall correctly, the last episode was released even before the announcement that Ash was going to leave the anime. I hope Haigney's OK.
  12. Ricbolog

    Review JN147: The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!

    So that's how it ends. I found this episode very bittersweet. After reflecting a while on what I saw, I must say that I'm a bit disappointed too that we didn't get something similar to the BW finale (which first aired almost 10 years ago, how fast time flies) with Ash thinking about all of his...
  13. Ricbolog

    Preview JN145: Rocket-dan Strikes Back!

    Looking forward for this one.
  14. Ricbolog

    S25: Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series - Dub Title Thread

    Now, that's what I call going full-circle.
  15. Ricbolog

    Preview JN142: And We're Looking at the Same Moon!

    I think the trio is drawn very well in the upper left frame. Jessie and James especially look almost as if they got back their "classic" design (minus the hair).
  16. Ricbolog

    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    This is something I have been wondering for a while. Can we be completely sure that, as you said, those two episodes aren't included in the official episode count? Because, looking for example here, The Valley of Lizardon! Until We Meet Again!! is counted by the official Japanese Youtube Channel...
  17. Ricbolog

    S25: Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series - Dub Title Thread

    But Hop appears in a screenshot included in the "Assets" section, so wouldn't this batch include at least JN115?
  18. Ricbolog

    Music With You (Full Version)

    Honestly, It would be the most logical thing to do, but we're still talking about TPCi so... I wouldn't take that for granted.
  19. Ricbolog

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    According to the "Dub Edits" section on Bulbapedia's page for DP162: The version of this episode that aired in North America and was released on home video leaves all of the original music intact, with the exception of the title card. The version that aired in the United Kingdom, as well as...
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