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    Review XY018: Wake Up Kabigon! Battle in Parfum Palace!

    I just wonder why Clemont uses his grandma's underwear O_o Boss Fantasy!!! yay!!! not so Chibi like in AG or DP, but still a great idea :) I hope the princess returns in the future, chasing Clemont and demanding what belongs to her ;D like a new Jessibelle, but more fiendish ;D this is not...
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    most annoying voice in the dub?

    Many pokemon have annoying voices, Looks like they put very little effort when they have to dub pokemon voices, unlike first seasons when many pokemon have robotic voices or with special effects (I love venonat's voice). Now for example, hear Krookodile's voice is a pain, sounds very forced...
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    Best lines ever

    I only can remember this... "I hope you get so lost in Wayward cave you cry!!! Boo hoo!!" That girl is a cutie right? XD
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    Ideas For New Pokémon Type(s)

    aaaa water must be weak to poison!!!!
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    Kotetsu's English name speculation

    Pepito or Chapapote XD maybe he has some annoying name, like himself ¬¬
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    Could Satoshi actually WIN the Higaki Conference?

    the bad point is that Eevelutions are soooo old fashioned... lose against the dog whisperer would be so anticlimatic (even more if Pikachu loses against Eevee... would be like a Hoenn league 2 ¬¬ damn cat ... ) would be funny if Ash was on track to win the league, and TP interrupts the final...
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    Preview Start of the league

    Well... in previous seasons was highly recommended for Ash not meeting new people in the league, because that guy always ended up kicking his eternally defeated butt (Richie, Harrison, Tyson), but Trollbias was the exception to that rule D:< oh damn, I get mad again ¬¬
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    Review BW092: Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!

    Just say "dodge it!" and the most powerful attack will fail yayyyyyy SAP SIPPER!!! XD Krookodile's sunglasses are bigger XD now Dragonite will be fell ashamed and probably he will be more obedient or at least more accessible...
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    News Rocket/Meloetta Episodes

    Those episodes in which Team Rocket was absent took the word "filler episode" to another level. I don't like where things are going :(
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    Unova league in 3 months (in anime time)

    Burgundy needs improve urgently! she is a shame as a rival :(
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    News Rocket/Meloetta Episodes

    and J just lost her googles XD I think Meloetta will save them, or at least save the TRio... Giovanni's fate is the most uncertain here... i think... ._. Besides, if Giovanni dies, I think there must be someone behind the job of Boss... like Domino or Pierce ... or ... (tun tun tuuuuuunn)...
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    What do you want in Gen 6?

    I want a change in the type chart, like happened in GenI/GenII... I think Poison should be Superefective against Water (water bodies like lakes and oceans are extremely easy to contaminate). Or Ice and Water mutually not very effective (since it doesn't allow Ice be super effective against Water...
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    Do you think Meloetta's voice will be dubbed?

    is strange in Jigglypuff case, it sings and has diferents names (and voices) in jap and here perhaps there is a possibility that the dub will do a good work, the problem is that current voices give me migraine (Krokorok for example)
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    The most unorigional pokemon name..

    and sounds like Electrike ¬¬ also in Crash Of the Titans there is a monster with a very similar name D: (Ee-Lectric)
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    Starters of choice (Please read first post)

    Grass: Sceptyle Fire: Charizard Water: Feraligatr
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    Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    well. Armaldo sounds like Armando XD
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    Favorite Pokemon Type(s)

    Poison, it is the only type that has not been tainted by having a legendary (I hate legendaries D:< ). ;D I also love Normal, Fire and Dark, but less than Poison.
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    Least Favourite Water Starter

    my option is Piplup, ugly attacks, defeat Rival's Turtwig is a nightmare... I've never had train a Empoleon because Prinplup is so boring to train and I usually deposit it inthe box XD
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    Is Dragonite still cool to you?

    the first pseudolegendary, it is from Gen 1 so if the new others killing machines are cool or brutal is because the drawers improved from Gen 1, Dragonite is cute, but I can't understand why Dragonite can Fly, its wings are ridiculously small XD Even Clefable would have moar chances to fly using...
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    The most unorigional pokemon name..

    Cleffa's jap name => Py ... PY!!!! what the $"%#/ is PY?!? XD and Clefairy... Pippi XD Klink, Klank and Klinklang are a shame... even their japanese names ¬¬ Jolteon's name is Thunders XD
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