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    Preview BW082 - Movie Showdown! Sortie, Isshu Defense Group!!

    Looks like a pretty awesome robot. I wouldn't be surprised if Team Rocket tried to steal it, only to find out that it isn't nearly as impressive in real life as it came off in the movies.
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    Review BW071: Steadily Progressing Donamite! Crimgan VS Kirikizan!!

    There is something so vulgar about the way the pokemon look when they use Bulk Up. My biggest fear now is that Ash will decide to teach the move to Scraggy. The battle between Dewott and Excadrill was pretty cool. Two of my favorite pokemon this generation duking it out, and it wasn't nearly...
  3. F

    Best battles?

    Ash's battle in the Hoehn league against the girl with blue hair was pretty good. She had a team of things you don't see in battles very often (if at all).
  4. F

    Review DP066: Lucario! Wave Bomb of Anger!!

    If Paul also has a little sister they can be named Peter, Paul and Mary Although a joke like that makes me feel old
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    Pokemon that didn't get proper screentime on the main group

    I was thinking about Vulpix the other day. The only "battles" I remember it having were using Flamethrower during the Dark City episode, having a minor training battle that got interrupted during the Pokémopolis episode, and the Princess Tournament under the direction of Misty. You would think...
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    Major characters in the anime who have yet to enter a Contest

    I can just imagine Delia performing an appeal with Mr. Mime. Having him use psychic to sweep up the contest hall, wipe the windows, and fold the laundry. The crowd would eat it up. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Paul was good at contests. He seems to be very methodical about his...
  7. F

    Review S10 EP39: Steamboat Willies!

    There was something about this scene that I loved. But, other than that, it wasn't the most remarkable episode in the world. It's good to see that some of those Pokémon are alive at least.
  8. F

    Review S10 EP33: All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!

    This was Costume Business. Completely different concept. The Koffing should have won. The Mightyene/Suicune costume was also pretty cool, but it seemed oddly drawn.
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    Review DP051: Hikozaru vs. Zangoose! Destined Battle!!

    Sounds like it hit its target to me >_> We didn't get to see the other battles at all? I would have liked to see Croagunk getting some actual battle time in this tournament.
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    Review DP044: Save the Lost Hippopotas!

    It would be odd if Ash DID catch the little hippo. It uses Yawn as a signature attack, which would require Ash to actually adapt a new battle strategy to make the most of it. Every time he has been forced to rethink his battle strategy resulted in him doing almost the exact same thing he has...
  11. F

    What Pokemon should be in the anime more?

    I'd like to see Wailord in a good fighting episode. I know it was featured in that awful filler at the start of Advanced, and had another weird one before the Hoehn League, but those just showcased how big it is. The closest it has had to being in a real battle was when Meowth used "transform"...
  12. F

    Review DP043: Mumargi! Escape from a Nightmare!!

    It makes me wonder if Dawn's mother really does own a Milotic. It wouldn't surprise me if she does, but they need another cliche contest pokemon. Glameow is off to a good start.
  13. F

    SOVA Debate

    Actually, I think the reason they didn't come to the San Diego C-C this year is because they didn't have a Pokemon movie or new season to promote. It is much easier for them to attend the convention in their city than to fly across the country for a one-hour q&a session with questions that...
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    If G/S is remade, will Marina become a bigger part of the anime?

    A-Are you Richard Horvitz? That man has an unfortunate voice which brings way too many characters to life.
  15. F

    If G/S is remade, will Marina become a bigger part of the anime?

    Didn't that one guy Ash tied with in the Johto League mention that the other two trainers who started with him had already participated in the league the year before? Probably a dub addition, but it would give her a goal before contest halls sprung up overnight.
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    Cartoon Network - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Weeks Six & Seven

    Maybe Dawn has a history of lying to the elderly that will be revealed as the series progresses ;D
  17. F

    Cartoon Network - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Weeks Six & Seven

    Sometimes I want this to be a Reno 911 board >_> Places like imdb say Alazraqui has done voicework in Pokemon, but they don't cite any specific characters. Wouldn't surprise me if he was creditted for the role (he does the voice of almost every latino character in western animation). I'd...
  18. F

    Cartoon Network - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Weeks Six & Seven

    Carlos Alazraqui fakes the accent too, but it's been part of his comedy routine and va career for so long that you'd never know. He's totally one of my idols. This was one of the episodes I really wanted to see in the dub. Watching a Magikarp defeat ANYTHING in battle is a great moment. I...
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    Cartoon Network - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Week Three

    The anime in Japan was doing a weird thing where they would show a short clip from the new episode before the opening credits. It is kind of a pain, since they were giving away things from the episode that might otherwise be a surprise (such as the love meter from tonight and something...
  20. F

    Cartoon Network - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Week Three

    Not to go on topic, but the episode tonight was enjoyable. The return of James' tiny glasses from the Drake episode made me happy. They always make him look better. Doesn't help that I totally have a weird thing for clowns >_> There was a weird looking Quilava in this episode. It probably...
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