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    The Dream World- Official Discussion

    Good point. In my last Dream World session, I did not have any Dream Pal request, so I'm thinking that the Dream Pal getting spree is coming to an end (this "spree" is most likely happening because many people are using their B2W2 card, and when you use a different game cards, the save files for...
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    Pokémon Remake Discussion (Read First Post!)

    What are your names for RS remakes? I don't think this kind of thread has been started yet. Anyways, what names would you give for RS remakes? I'd love to know! Rules: No flaming - this means: no arguments on RS remakes or of Gen V (or that newer gens suck, or are better than others)...
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    BW2 Teams

    Re: Your B2W2 team Yeah, I like Keldeo. People say he is based off of MLP, WRONG!!!!!!!! He is based off one of the friends of the Three Musketeers (who is younger than them, as the story goes with Keldeo), and joins them (as the introduction in B2W2).
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    BW2 Teams

    Your B2W2 team Well..this kind of thread hasn't been started yet..so lets start one! Share your planned/current team on B2W2 here! Rules: Do not double post - edit your post if it has been less than 3 posts since you last did post Have fun! Anyways, my team: Serperior -...
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    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    I give my Pokemon many stupid nicknames, but here is a list of my most notable: Ampharos named "Amphy" (named it this as a Mareep, in my White 2 game) A Tentacruel named Acooltent (after a certain Tentacool in Pokemon Stadium, yeah, there was SERIOUSLY a Tentacool named in Pokemon Stadium named...
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    "Perfect" Kyurem - rebirth of the Original Dragon

    Well.. When Arceus created the Pokemon World, it created time and space along with it, and gave the powers of time and space to Dialga and Palkia to guard it (as mentioned in the anime that Dialga and Palkia are the guardians of Time and Space). Giratina serves the purpose of guarding...
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    Your personal review

    Its been a few days now that its released in NA, NZ, Europe, and Australia, so I figured, why not create a thread about your personal review? This is the place to submit your review! Please, lets not have any flaming about stuff such as: Arguments about whether the game is good or not...
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    Glitches Thread

    No. It does not. This was fixed in the international versions. We gotta really thank the localization team for that...
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    Black 2/White 2 Travelog (Read First Post)

    Well..I've already beaten the game (White 2; got it on the North American release date), but I was originally gonna use a Shiny Dragonite (from the Egg Benga gives out, always contains a Shiny Dratini W2/Shiny Gible B2), but I thought: "Wait, White Kyurem = Second most powerful Pokemon in the...
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    FAQ: PMD: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth/Gates to Infinity Discussion Thread

    Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth My personal thoughts: AWESOME!! A GEN V MYSTERY DUNGEON GAME!!! I thought this would never come.. I thought that Pokemon abandoned Mystery Dungeon until I heard the news about this game :D
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    The "Is My Pokémon Hacked?" Thread

    No, I have some Rilou's from Dream Radar. It says the location obtained is "Pokemon Dream Radar". So that Riolu is probably hacked.
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    Looking for an Arceus, and more Pokemon

    I have an White 2 card and my friend code is in my signature. I am looking for an Arceus (I don't care what forme, just please make sure that it is not hacked), a Pokemon with Pokerus (if you have one that you're willing to trade; I don't care if its hacked, I'm not gonna use it, only for the...
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    The Dream World- Official Discussion

    I have my W2 card currently in use on Dream World. About each time I log on, I have atleast one dream pal request.. and most of the time, its because I tucked in a Pokemon they have/like ._. (also because I am one of those people who collect the super effective attack reducing berries and put...
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    Whats your favorite Legendary Pokemon?

    Well yeah theres a lot of options because thats all the Legendary Pokemon (as of Gen V). I wanted to include every Legendary Pokemon because many people have different opinions on which Legendary Pokemon they like the most, and if I didn't add all, then some people may feel left out. I made it...
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    Whats your favorite Legendary Pokemon?

    This poll lets you choose multiple options.
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    Legendary Pokemon you've caught without Master Balls

    Re: Your Pokeball's that you use when catching a Legendary Pokemon One time...I was trying to get back to Olivine city using the bike..then it happened. My Pokemon were in the level 20's, and I found a Raikou. It wasn't Shiny, but it was a really stupidly funny moment for me. One time, when I...
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    Legendary Pokemon you've caught without Master Balls

    Re: Your Pokeball's that you use when catching a Legendary Pokemon I will use a Master Ball if I find a Legendary Pokemon that's Shiny..or if its an really annoying roaming Legendary. Here's what my reaction would be if I found a Shiny Rayquaza: Wild Rayquaza appeared! *sparkling animation...
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    Legendary Pokemon you've caught without Master Balls

    Your Pokeball's that you use when catching a Legendary Pokemon Feel free to share your funny moments when catching Legendary Pokemon here! I like to mess around a bit and use stupid Pokeballs that I shouldn't, like I caught Regirock in a PokeBall XD and when I was in a battle with Kyorgre AND...
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    Does anyone else have a problem with some pokemon's sprites?

    Well..I hate most Pokemon sprites. But one that REALLY bothers me is Rayquaza's Gen IV sprite, IT LOOKS LIKE ITS HAVING A SEIZURE?!?!
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    Weird beta names of Pokemon

    Have you ever looked at the Bulbapedia article that shows the ENGLISH Beta names of Gen I Pokemon? Well, most of these names are weird (in my opinion), like Arbok's is "Nagaasp", like seriously? That sounds like what a Indian Pokemon name would be (not being racist at all, just these beta names...
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