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    Screenshot & Quote du jour

    Where? I see no Mimiroru.:confused:
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    DP base Pokémon data revealed [now with evolution data]

    While the pre evolutions are questionable, I don't see the problem people have with the evolved forms of old pokemon. I for one will enjoy having an Aipom, Yanma, Gilger etc. that is truly usable. Many of them were simply too weak as they were. That being said, I am a bit confused by some...
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    Isn't the bigger problem though the fact that illegal immigrants don't pay many taxes but get (or expect) benefits of those who do. That to me seems to be the real problem, supporting so many people who don't pay taxes. Of course, there are no easy answers, I myself don't know what should be...
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    D/P cast REVEALED?

    Well, at least the new characters have rather unique looks to them, things will be okay so long as they have equally good personalities. However, this may prove difficult. May was a welcome addition because more than just being a naive, female version of Ash, she was the first main female...
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    Review S08 EP29: Deceit and Assist ・ EP30: Rhapsody in Drew

    They knew all the attacks of May's other Pokemon so they knew it couldn't be her Bulbasaur, then Caroline suggested Munchlax, which makes sense considering its never battled since she captured it and so the group doesn't really know all the moves it has. STAB doesn't exist in the anime...
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    Review S08 EP27: The Ribbon Cup Caper ・ EP28: Hi Ho Silver Wind!

    Actually Ash does have it, or rather his Snorlax has access to it. In a previous episode May explained that she got the recipe from Professor Oak, and in an episode some time before this Oak first told the group about the expanding pokebloc.
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    Review AG164: Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!

    In my opinion the most important thing is Heracross put up a good fight. We have to remember that Venusaur's Poison type negates several of its Grass type weaknesses, so its not the same as Drake's Venusaur vs. Tauros. Although to me it seemed like Venusaur could have been Spencer's oldest...
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    Review AG159: Who Single-Handedly Has the Victory!? Pokémon Orienteering!

    Well it did get to be the only one to escape and get help. And one of its battles was a spectacular one against a Frontier Brain, which certainly shows it continues to get more respect than Ash's other birds did. Gotta love the juggernaut.:ksmile:
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    Review AG161: Juptile VS Tropius! Grassland Duel!!

    Actually judging by number of victories that's not so true. Its always been one of Ash's coolest Pokemon, but never favored as a trump card by Ash like Charizard is. Indeed, a lot of fans have commented on being upset over how LITTLE screen time Grovyle gets. Its hardly been used on the...
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    Screenshot & Quote du jour

    Random woman screaming in the background: "Cover the Bonsly's eyes!!!!" :scared:
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    Review S08 EP17: Do I Hear a Ralts?

    You honestly think the show will go on long enough to have Max grow up, become a trainer, and not fulfill the promise? This was the perfect type of promise to be in the anime, the kind that they don't have to worry about fulfilling on screen because the nature of the promise is it will happen...
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    Review AG158: Fierce Fighting at the Battle Tube! VS Tube Queen Azami!!

    It was different I suppose is why so many people liked it. And really, as wacky as Brock is I can actually see him getting a real relationship in such an odd, random way. Overall I think Lucy/Brock is a great idea simply because its wacky/kinky/twisted wierd (just like Brock is). It makes...
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    Too many Legendaries?

    Indeed, there are hundreds, even thousands of legendary creatures in real world cultures, Pokemon legendaries haven't even begun to approach that number and still are few compared to the hundreds of other Pokemon, so how can anyone say there are too many? However, one must admit that if they...
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    Review AG155: Pokémon Ranger Appears! Celebi Rescue Mission!!

    Was it explained how the Capture Styler worked? I mean from what I read here about it being able to tell what attacks a Pokemon knew, it was more a way to know what Pokemon to ask for help than to directly control them. Perhaps it improves communication between human and Pokemon and thus the...
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    Review AG154: Startling! Frightening! Elekid!!

    Which is a surprisingly nice bit of continuity. I like how they've given Electric types this problem as a potential side effect of the way their powers work. It actually makes sense in a way. Their bodies produce electricity and excess power is shed into the atmosphere (they would also absorb...
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    Review AG150: Breeding House Practitioner and the Pokémon Egg!

    Some notes solely based on the pictures: Looks like GORGEOUS animation in this episode. May-centered, and thus full of ditzy craziness. Munchlax has its first REAL battle. Pikachu gets ANOTHER upgrade, this time the awesome Volt Tackle. I never imagined the anime could make it...
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    Review S08 EP05: Gaining Groudon

    I'm pretty sure it was the same in the games. I think it was supposed to be symbolic of how the land and sea depend on one another.
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    Stupid attacks on Pokemon

    You've never been bitten by a turtle have you? For that matter a bite will hurt even if the mouth has no sharp edges, as long as enough force is applied it will have a crushing effect.
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    Review AG147: Enter Manene! Mansion of Rest!

    What did they do that was so bad? You'd think even twerp haters would be happy with them in this episode for helping James out and not blasting him off.;-)
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    Review S08 EP05: Gaining Groudon

    I think most likely they got confused with Mudkip. Since its two evolutions are part Ground they, like many fans, assume Mudkip is part Ground as well. Lance said that Pikachu absorbed it so quickly because of its small body, hence it is taking a good deal longer for it to effect Archie.
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