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    Remixed music / Music Discussion

    I didn't like it either. Eww >_>. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJMuU9XGLvg
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    Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 Soundtrack release date revealed: 4-disc Pokémon B

    Re: Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 Soundtrack release date revealed: 4-disc Pokém Emerald and Platinum's exclusive tracks hadn't been released until now, so that's the reason behind the decision.
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    The Legendaries of Black 2 and White 2

    And recently there was another Japan-only event to get Kyogre and Groundon in BW:
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    What new Move Distribution would you like to see?

    The Japanese name of ExtremeSpeed means 'God Speed' and everything that learns it has some mythical or legendary motif. Togekiss for example is based on a fairy, with Serene Grace (Japanese name means 'Heavenly Blessing') as one of its possible abilities.
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    Remixed music / Music Discussion

    Re: Remixed music With the announcement that on July 25th they will be releasing the official soundtrack [Nintendo DS Pokémon Black 2 - White 2 Super Music Complete] and it will include both Emerald and Platinum exclusive tracks, unused music from BW will likely see the light of day as well...
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    Remixed music / Music Discussion

    Re: Remixed music Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gycbVEjdzxc&feature=related The Champion theme starts at 1:30.
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    Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3DS eS

    Re: Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3D This. It looks nifty, fun and with a clean presentation but otherwise I don't think the new 3DS app is going to replace iPokédex in the data department, for me at least. Base Stats being represented by...
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    Victini Wi-Fi Event Announced

    You can still hatch Pokémon eggs in that location after catching Victini, so it isn't as pointless as you think. About the name of the key item, I prefer 'Liberty Ticket'; the point that you're trying to make isn't as valid as you think because in past games, some key items labelled as...
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    No more Caps-Locked Names?

    In that case, it will only affect the nicknames of migrated Pokémon that are evolved once they are on the BW cart, but not at the moment you transferred them from a Generation IV game.
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    There is no auto-level option for the Wi-Fi Club: just Flat Mode and no rules (your Pokémon remain the same level). In any case, Flat Mode is some sort of auto-level feature, because any Pokémon over level 50 is set to that very same level.
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Correct: you employ the TM on a DPtHGSS Chatot and then trade it to BW to use it as the father, passing down Sleep Talk in the process. In fact, any Flying-egg group male Pokémon that can learn the move through the Emerald Move Tutor or by means of the Generation IV TM can be used as the father...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    But Musharna and Drowzee do.
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Yeah, and Ryu Shoji was talking about Pokémon that you get specifically from a HGSS location (hatched, traded or caught), not Generation III species that have been migrated from RSEFRLG to HGSS. In short, all HGSS-native Pokémon display Johto/ジョウト as their location even if they were gotten in a...
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    New Confirmed Moves/Abilities/Distribution Discussion

    You're confusing the side effect index number with the flag that indicates it's affected by weather, so of course Thunder has a different value (30% chance of paralyzing). The rest behaves exactly like Thunder: it has 50% accuracy during Sunny Day, 100% with Rain Dance and the normal value...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Of course (though fanmade). But as you will defend your stand no matter what, I shall better not keep addressing the topic. What you guys think of Morobareru? I find it a pretty good support Pokémon, with access to both Anger Powder and Spore, without forgetting an exceptional synergy with...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    They changed values such as the nature, which is no longer tied to either the Personality Value or the IVs the Pokémon has, and it's just another hex address. Also, all the previous hex addressess used to denote things such as the ball in HGSS or the location in PtHGSS have been all set to...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Of course they have to be harder, as many things related to the PV changed in Generation V and the Pokémon data structure as well. Game Freak isn't thinking of enhancing the correlations used just because of people making research about their work but because that's what you do when you have a...
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    Voltorb Flip or Slots?

    Yeah, I lack the skills to be a competent player on Voltorb Flip, but as I hate the minigame anyway, it doesn't matter if I'm good or not. I only maxed the Coin Case in my American HG with the help of a external calculator -that shows you possible board combinations- for bragging rights (if...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Since when 110 Base Speed is higher than 130 Base Speed? Besides, Archeos is still better than a lot of glass cannon Pokémon, and the ability itself only cuts in half the Attack and Sp. Attack, much better than other hindering abilities. If a Move Tutor that teaches Roost is introduced in...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    It's more like "It's just a simulator so I don't count it", though you're right in that I dislike them. And I don't care if Smogon is involved or not, so for me your choices are still random Pokémon, overused in PO, useful (and they indeed are) or not. I don't see the problem with PRNG-abused...
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